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Sanction on the Indian Federation

Regrettably, four adverse analytical findings were reported on the occasion of doping controls carried out on the Indian national team members, this year. The Indian Weightlifting Federation has been suspended the duration of which will be decided by the IWF Executive Board at the end of May. The four competitors concerned are Ms.Bodari Prameelavalli, Ms.Pujari Sailaja, Raju Edwin and Tajinder Singh. Their provisional suspension will remain in force as long as all the applicable procedures have been

Decision in the interest of doping-free Olympic Games 2008

This is to remind the National Federations, as well as the IWF Committees? Members of the decision taken by the IWF Executive Board in March 2004 and approved later by the Congress. In compliance with the above decision - competitors having committed doping offence on the occasion of in or out of competition tests in August 2004, at the Athens Olympic Games, are not allowed to attend any Beijing Olympic Qualification event (i.e. the 2006 and 2007 World Championships, as well as the continental Olympic qualification competitions) and the 2008 Olympic Games - coaches having accompanied the guilty competitors to the Athens Olympic Games are not permitted to attend the 2008 Olympic Games either In the interest of the doping free weightlifting events at the 2008 Olympic Games the IWF is going to elaborate a doping control system to be applied en route to the Games. Your proposals are welcome by email or fax till the end of April 2006. Information on the new system will be provided in the second part of this

Adverse Analytical Findings at 2005 World Championships

Adverse Analytical Findings have been reported on the following participants of the 2005 World Championships: W69kg/Ms.Fontan Valeria/ARG, M62kg/Salah Al Yazidi/QAT and M94kg/Utsar Andrus/EST. Pre-World Ch.ships Adverse Analytical Findings have been reported after the World Championships on Ms.Saipin 63kg/THA, consequently her competition results are also annulled. As per the rules, they are provisionally suspended until all applicable procedures have been

IWF Doping Hearing Panel held hearings in Doha, on 14 November 2005

The results of the hearings are as follows: Halil MUTLU (TUR) was ruled ineligible for two years for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Art. 2.1 of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy. Sedat ARTUC (TUR) was ruled ineligible for two years for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Art. 2.3 of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy. Ms. Nastassia NOVIKAVA (BLR) was ruled ineligible for two years for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Art. 2.1 of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy. Ms.Pratima Kumari (IND) was ruled ineligible for two years for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under 2.1 of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy. Hassan Sobhy (EGY) and Mohamed Hossny (EGY) were ruled ineligible for two years for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under 2.1 of the IWF Antidoping

Doping Controls at 2005 World Championships, Doha, QAT

A total of 91 controls were done: 53 men from 34 countries and 38 women from 19 countries were controlled. The assistance from the group formed for the 2006 Asian Games was a great help for our task. This group was fully trained in all phases of the sampling. It was also a great occasion for these people to train in a true competition environment. The facilities were excellent as we had a large waiting room and two offices where two athletes could be processed at the same time. I thank them for their professionalism and dedicated work. Thanks also to Stella Herrick that took over the selection on the two days I was away for the Hearings and Executive Board meeting. All the samples were sent to the Cologne laboratory. COUNTRY MEN WOMEN ALB 1 ALG 1 ARG 1 ARM 1 AZE 2 BAN 1 BLR 1 BUL 1 1 CHN 6 7 COL 2 3 CUB 1 DOM 1 1 EGY 1 1 EST 1 FRA 2 FSM 1 GEO 1 GRE 1 HUN 1 IND 2 IRI 2 IRQ 2 ITA 1 KAZ 1 1 KEN 1 KOR 2 1 LTU 1 MAD 1 MAR 1 MDA 1 MAS 1 MEX 1 NRU 1 PNG 1 POL 1 QAT 3 ROM 2 RUS 5 6 SVK 2 THA 5 TKM 1 TUN 1 UKR 1 USA 2 VIE 1 TOTAL 53 38 Philippe Saint-Cyr Chairman of the Anti-doping

IWF Executive Board decision on the sanctions imposed on the Nigerian Federation

I. Preamble The IWF Executive Board hereby acknowledge the achievements of the Nigerian Weightlifting Federation ("NWF") and its valuable contribution to the Weightlifting Sport. The IWF Executive Board express the need to all member National Federations to strengthen the Anti-Doping Program within their countries. II. Sanctions 1. The NWF shall be suspended from all international events for one year of period of time until 11 September 2006. 2. The NWF shall pay the fine of US 30,000 that is thirty thousand US dollars, before being readmitted to the membership of IWF. The IWF Executive Board declares that the fine shall be used for the purpose of anti-doping activities. 3. The NWF shall identify the coaches and athletes involved in this matter and impose the necessary sanctions. Budapest, 24 November