Technical Officials

TO Cards,


At the request of the Member Federations, the IWF issues Technical Official (TO) cards, Certificates of Duty and licences. A TO card and a Certificate of Duty must be used at international events. A Licence is valid for an Olympiad (4 years), up to the end of the Olympic year and is a condition for officiating.

A Member Federation can ask for promotion of a National Technical Official to an International Technical Official of Category 2 and an ITO of Category 2 can be promoted to Category 1 under the conditions fixed in IWF Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations Par. 7.3.

The MF has to organize a practical and theoretical exam for the applicant. The practical exam may be carried out at a national or international event except for the World Championships and the Olympic Games. The MF has to prove that the exam was successful by sending the test results to the IWF Secretariat. You can download the IWF TO Exam Questionnaires from the Download Centre of the IWF website.

Please send an official letter of your MF and the test results to Maria Cseresnyes, IWF Business Administration Manager by mail (maria.cseresnyes@nulliwfnet.net), she will check in the IWF registration if your request meets the IWF requirements or not.

A Certificate of Duty may be requested by a Member Federation. The holders of this card are eligible to assist at all international events in the following positions: Timekeeper, Competition Director, Competition Secretary, Speaker, Assistant Marshal, Doctor on Duty, unless the individual holds an IWF TO Card of category 1 or 2.


IWF TO Card (both of category one and two) USD 200
Renewal of a category 2 licence USD 100
Renewal of a category 1 USD 200
In case of losing a valid card the price of a replacement card is USD 150
Certificate of Duty USD 200
Renewal of the licence USD 50

Information for bank transfer / wiring instructions:

Beneficiary / Receipient: International Weightlifting Federation
Beneficiary’s Bank: OTP BANK PLC
Bank’s Address: 1051 Budapest, Nador u 6., Hungary
IWF Bank Account No: (IBAN): HU06 1176 4056 2482 4019 0000 0000

The Member Federations of the IWF are kindly requested to send the list of Technical Officials (Name, Cat, Card No) requesting to extend their licences, to the email: ito@nulliwfnet.net

Please kindly consider to include the Certificate of Duties – Competition Doctors as well.

Based on the MF’s request, related Invoice will be issued by the IWF and sent to the MF who shall pay it via bank transfer.
Following the receipt of the payment, the stickers, or new cards, whatever is applicable, will be sent by courier to the MF who shall further distribute them to the Technical Officials requesting extension.

Please kindly note our purpose is to update our database of IWF TECHNICAL OFFICIALS!

Please also kindly note, no cash-payments are acceptable!



Technical Officials shall have a Uniform that follows the IWF TO Uniform Guidelines.