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Every piece of information is important in the fight for clean sport. Your information helps us to uncover doping and catch cheaters.

REVEAL is a platform that enables you to report what you have seen, heard or experienced in a completely anonymous and secure manner while actively supporting the investigation of anti-doping rule violations or criminal behaviour.

If you are wondering if your information is important enough, if you have doubts that your information is relevant, or if you are afraid of sharing it – please be assured that we will treat your information in a confidential and sensible manner.

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In its aim to further enhance the fight against doping, the IWF is providing this additional opportunity for reporting any possible weightlifting-related violations of the current Anti-Doping Rules.

The IWF assures that the information provided will be treated in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations and can be accessed only by authorised members of the IWF Anti-Doping Team and the International Testing Agency. The IWF shall not share any information provided through this page and shall not identify the Sender to Third Parties without prior consent.

To make such contribution for the protection of clean weightlifting, please use the form below.

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