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Decision in the interest of doping-free Olympic Games 2008

This is to remind the National Federations, as well as the IWF Committees? Members of the decision taken by the IWF Executive Board in March 2004 and approved later by the Congress.

In compliance with the above decision

– competitors having committed doping offence on the occasion of in or out of competition tests in August 2004, at the Athens Olympic Games, are not allowed to attend any Beijing Olympic Qualification event (i.e. the 2006 and 2007 World Championships, as well as the continental Olympic qualification competitions) and the 2008 Olympic Games
– coaches having accompanied the guilty competitors to the Athens Olympic Games are not permitted to attend the 2008 Olympic Games either

In the interest of the doping free weightlifting events at the 2008 Olympic Games the IWF is going to elaborate a doping control system to be applied en route to the Games. Your proposals are welcome by email or fax till the end of April 2006.

Information on the new system will be provided in the second part of this year.