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List of Oceanian Members

The following 3-letter codes are officially recognised by the IWF and are to be used in all international competitions, on scoreboards, result sheets, referee cards, record protocols, anti-doping control documents, etc.

Full Member (*FM): is a Member Federation of a country as defined in the IWF Rule 5 of the Constitution and Rules entitled to full membership rights which are set out in rule 9.

Associated Member (*AM): is a Federation of a non-sovereign country, meaning that such non-sovereign country has no National Olympic Committee recognized by the IOC as defined in rule 6.

Provisional Member (*PM): is a National Federation of a country as defined in rule 7 of the IWF Constitution and Rules that has submitted its application and is waiting for admission to full membership.

Temporarily Suspended (*TS): IWF membership can provisionally suspended in case a Member Federation fails to fulfil the obligations defined in rule 8 of the IWF Constitution. (Schedule 2 of the IWF Constitution and Rules – Member in a Good Standing Criteria)