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Successful “100 year anniversary of the athletics club Rorschach”

Daniel Tschan, the President of the Swiss Weightlifting Association summed up the 100 years long his story of the club. In 1909 the foundation of this club was a landmark is the development of weightlifting in the whole country. Rorschach was not only very successful but also had a role model within the association. Mayor Thomas Mueller brought the congratulations of the City Council. He mentioned how the name "Rorschach" was a well known ambassador of Weightlifting in Switzerland. The Swiss Weightlifting clubs brought their friendly wishes and gifts. Club president Raphael Graber was very pleased with the great success of the event and he said this anniversary celebration was courage and motivation to continue working on all levels. The Athletic club Rorschach Successes: 29-times Swiss champion team, about 70 individual Swiss championships, 9 cup winner. For the 100 years celebration of the AS Rorschach the Swiss club invited the lifters of Baden-Württemberg (GER).AS Rorschach won the the friendly meeting 13:11.The three best lifters of the anniversary event "100 Years of AS Rorschach" on 4 July 2009 in the tent of Rorschach are: winner with 320.8 points Yannick Sautebin before David Waldraff with 307.3 points and Oliver Kling with 299.5 points. Resultsby Conny Högg & Martin Graber Image: Urs

Weightlifting exhibition in observance of Olympic Day

The Guyana Amateur Weightlifting Association (GAWA) in association with the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) will observe Olympic Day in Guyana with a weightlifting exhibition Saturday. Lifters such as Sean Cozier, who has represented this country in numerous international competitions, along with recently crowned Schoolboys and Novices best lifter Antoine Gordon and Orwayne Cozier amongst others will be demonstrating the various lifts in the exhibition. The observance will be under the theme "Discover the Olympic movement through weightlifting" a sport which has been a part of the modern Olympic games since the first games were held back in 1896. Lifters from Guyana participated in the Games and has been a part of same from 1948 to 1956, took a break in 1960, but returned in 1964 and ‘68 before taking another sabbatical and returning in 2004, with the best performance being that of Martin Dias who competed in the 1964 Olympic Games (56 kg, 8th place 100.0, 102.5, 132.5, total

Dominican weightlifter’s “B” sample negative

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) - The Dominican Olympic Committee has cleared weightlifter Yudelquis Contreras of doping allegations after her "B" sample came back negative. Contreras was one of six athletes (and the only weightlifter) competing at last year's Beijing Olympics who had tested positive for CERA, an advanced version of the blood-boosting drug EPO, during the re-analysis of some samples by the IOC. The Dominican Olympic Committee said Wednesday her "B" sample did not show any traces of the drug. IOC spokesman Mark Adams confirmed that the "B" sample was negative, but that the IOC was waiting for a full report from the doping lab before commenting further on the case. Contreras finished fifth in the 53-kilogram category in Beijing. She could have faced a two-year suspension.

Samoa – Commonwealth Youth Games 2015

Samoa National Olympic Committee won the bid to host the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games. Samoa today has possibly one of the best weightlifting stadiums in the world. The weightlifting event in 2015 will certainly be one of the  highlights of the Commonwealth Youth Games. The weightlifting venue in Samoa has in recent years hosted major events. In 2006, Samoa hosted the Pacific Rim International and Commonwealth & Oceania Championships. In 2007, the South Pacific Games in the month of August and then in November hosted the IWF World Cup and Commonwealth & Oceania Championships. (by

Weightlifting legend Süleymanoğlu stable

Süleymanoğlu was taken to Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Hospital on Thursday after having a seizure from a high fever. The hospital's vice chief of medicine, Dr. İbrahim Morgül, said Süleymanoğlu was in stable condition, but more tests were needed before making a diagnosis about the 42-year-old iron pumper. "We have yet to know if the problem is about the brain, the lungs or diabetes," said Morgül. "We have taken care of his seizures and he is stabilized. But we will only understand more about his situation after more tests." Turkish Weightlifting Federation chairman Hasan Akkuş visited Süleymanoğlu in his room and said the athlete's condition did not look bad. "He is not very well, but not bad at all," said Akkuş. "I talked with him, and he said 'We will get over this,' to me." One of the greatest weightlifters in the sport's history, Süleymanoğlu is a three-time Olympic winner, earning gold medals in the Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 games.

Dezső Dobor, has been elected as member of AIPS Executive Board

Dezső Dobor, IWF Head Press Officer and spokesman has been elected as member in the Executive Board of AIPS (Association International Press Sportive) for the term 2009 - 2013The elections were held on the 1st May during the 72nd AIPS Congress held in Milan, Italy. 110 countries were represented at election.Gianni Merlo ( Italy), was uncontested as President as well as Esat Yilmaer (Turkey) as first Vice President and Jorge Ribeiro (Portugal) as