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Pan-American Federation 2021 Hall Of Fame Ceremony To Be Held On November 14th

The 2021 Pan American Weightlifting Federation Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 14 online. The president of the PFLP, José Quiñones González, informed that the virtual Gala in its second edition will start from 4.00 pm (Lima time) and will be broadcasted through Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live. Two legendary Trinidad and Tobago sports figures, weightlifters Rodney Adolphus Wilkes and Lennox Kilgour, were the athletes honored posthumously on this occasion. Representatives from Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia were honored in the categories of Athletes, Leader, International Technical Official and Coach. According to information from the FPLP Hall of Fame Commission, these personalities were nominated "after the nomination process, confirmation of achievements and internal voting". Andrés Vargas of Puerto Rico was selected as Leader; Iván Román of Cuba and Doris Marrero of Venezuela as Official; and Luis Carlos Arrieta and Jaiber Manjarrez of Colombia as Coach. Rodney A. Wilkes (1925 - 2014) (TTO), won two Olympic medals in two different Games. He was the first athlete from Trinidad and Tobago to win an Olympic medal when he won the silver medal at the London 1948 Olympic Games in the featherweight division won by the Egyptian Mahmoud Fayad with an Olympic and world record. In the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, he was bronze medal behind the Soviet Rafael Chimishkyany Nikolai Saksonov. In the 1956 Melbourne Games he was fourth. In 1951 Wilkes won the gold medal at the first Pan American Games in Buenos Aires. In 1946 he became internationally known with his first place in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia. He also won gold at the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. Lennox Kilgour (1927- 2004) (TTO), won the bronze medal in the medium heavyweight category at the 1952 Olympic Games, was silver medalist at the 1951 Pan American Games and at the 1954 Commonwealth Games. Andrés Vargas (PUR), has been the president of the Puerto Rican Weightlifting Federation since 1996 and has also held international positions as President of the PFLP and member of the EC of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). His legacy includes the creation of the Criollo Weightlifting Tournament, now in its 36th edition, and the founding of the first weightlifting cooperative. Under his presidency, the Olympic presence of Puerto Rican weightlifters was boosted. Vargas is a symbol of weightlifting in Puerto Rico. Doris Zoraida Marrero (VEN), is an experienced referee, pedagogue and graduate in Physical Education and Sports Techniques and has had a recognized performance in the international arena in several Central American and Caribbean Games, Bolivarian Games, South American Games, Pan American Games, world tournaments and in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020. Iván Román (CUB), has a long and fruitful career as a coach, professor and researcher in the field of sports. In 1983 he obtained the scientific degree of Doctor in Pedagogical Sciences with his thesis Methodology of training in the competitive period for weightlifters with high mastery. Category One International Referee. He is the only Cuban official designated by the IWF as referee in three Olympic Games: 1992, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. He has been an official and referee in more than 60 international tournaments and multidisciplinary games. Luis Carlos Arrieta (COL), as a coach, has played a relevant role in Colombia's international successes in recent years. His pupils have won multiple medals in the World Championships as in the 2019 version. Also noteworthy are the medals won at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and the one recently won at the Olympic tournament in Tokyo. Jaiber Manjarrez (COL), biologist-coach, has been an equally successful coach with contributions to training for both high performance and early ages. His experience in the training process has resulted in the benefit of several generations of Colombian Olympic weightlifters such as Oscar Figueroa, Diego Salazar and Javier Mosquera among the most recent figures. The FPLP Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2020 as one of the initiatives implemented by the Pan American Weightlifting Federation as a project of encouragement and recognition in the midst of the negative effects of the terrible global pandemic. The continental weightlifting family has welcomed this idea and is confident of the growing support of all national federations in the region. Source:

ITO Nomination – 2021 IWF World Championships

The deadline for the ITO nomination for the 2021 IWF World Championships (7-17 December 2021) is Monday,  18 October 2021. As usual, Member Federations are able to nominate 1 male, 1 female TO and 2 Competition Doctor for the Event. The nominated personnel must be a Category 1 International Technical Officials with a valid licence for 2021-2024, or Competition Doctors with Certificate of Duty with a valid licence for 2021-2024. The TO nomination form can be found here, and the completed nomination form shall be returned via email to the following e-mail address:  [email protected]  The Competition documents are available

Last Day of the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

After more than a week, full of emotions and good lifts, the youth weightlifters bid farewell to Jeddah with their hands full of medals, good memories, and goals for the future. On the last day of the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships, it was the turn for the Women +81 kg and Men +102 kg categories. Women +81 kg Category At 11.00, local time, it was the turn for the women. The medals were fought for by just 7 weightlifters in this category. One of the seven, Rufina Chalkarova (KAZ) was ahead of the pack and made her mark from the start when in the first Snatch she was the only one to lift a three-digit number. Thanks to this and her steady but confident progress between 100kg, 104kg, and 107 kg attempts, she won Gold in the category. The Silver in Snatch went to Fatmagul Cevik from Turkey with a third lift of 95 kg and the Bronze finally went to Taiane Justino De Lima from Brasil with a second attempt of 94 kg. She tried the Silver with a 96 kg Snatch attempt but it was a no lift. In the C&J, the Gold was again won by Rufina Chalkarova of Kazakhstan with a lift of 140 kg and the Silver was won by the Bronze medalist of the Snatch, Taiane Justino De Lima from Brasil with 125 kg. Lastly the Bronze medal went to the Silver medalist in Snatch, Turkey’s Fatmagul Cevik who, after failing her second and third attempts, won the third medal with a first Clean & Jerk attempt of 108 kg. In the Total, there were big differences in numbers, especially between Gold and Silver: Rufina Chalkarova of Kazakhstan took the Gold with a total of 247 kg, Taiane Justino De Lima from Brasil the Silver with lifts totaling 219 kg, and Fatmagul Cevik from Turkey won the third medal, the Bronze, with a total of 203 kg. Men +102 kg Category Couple hours later it was the turn of the men’s +102 kg lifters. In this category, 10 weightlifters were fighting for the medals . For the Gold the fight was between two Russian lifters: Aslambek Pliev and Ivan Salamatin. Finally the Gold was for the first, Aslambek Pliev, with a lift of 150 kg. The Silver then was achieved by his teammate Ivan Salamatin with a 148 kg Snatch, and ultimately, on the podium, the Iranian Amirreza Mohammadiniasamakoush won the Bronze lifting four kilograms less, 144 kg. In the Clean & Jerk, Aslambek Pliev from Russia again won Gold with a best Clean & Jerk of 190 kg. The Silver was won by Colin James Reis from USA, who achieved a third lift of 169 kg after two successful ones of 160 kg and 167 kg. Finally, the podium was completed by the Russian Ivan Salamatin after a progression of 160kg, 165kg and 168 kg. In the Total and the last podium of the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships, the two first medals went to Russia. Aslambek Pliev won the Gold medal with 340 kg and the Silver medal was then for Ivan Salamatin with a Total of 316 kg. Lastly, the Bronze was won by Amirreza Mohammadiniasamakoush from Iran with 310 KG. It was an amazing 8 days of competition here in Jeddah, with 202 athletes from 44 countries competing at the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships. Altogether 8 Youth World Records were broken, which show great promises for these young athletes. Hopefully we will see them soon on the weightlifting

Day 7 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

The seventh day of the competition in Jeddah continued with a great atmosphere and the youngest lifters continued demonstrating the bright future of the sport. On this day there were two weight categories: the Women 81 kg and the Men 102 kg. Women 81 kg Category In Snatch, Mairyn Vanessa Hernandez Lizarraga (MEX) set an entry of 86 kg. She increased her number to 89 kg on the 2nd attempt and to 92 kg on her 3rd attempt. With this third lift, she was able to win the Gold medal and she was one of the two lifters who did 3 good lifts. The Silver medal went to the Georgian Natia Gadelia who also lifted three good lifts with the last one being a 91 kg one. The Bronze medal went Yekta Jamali Galeh from Iran with a second lift of 90 kg after failing her third attempt of 93 kg. In C&J the numbers between lifters were very close. 4 lifters of 6 participants began with lifts of 107 kg and 108 kg. It was finally the Georgian Natia Gadelia who exceeded the others on her third attempt (117 kg) and therefore took the Gold. Both of her direct competitors tried to lift more than her on their third attempt (119 kg) but both failed to do so. Yekta Jamali Galeh from Iran won the Silver medal with a 115 kg C&J and finally, the Bronze went to the Russian Daria Meshcheriakova who lifted 114 kg. The podium of the total results repeated the names of the C&J. Gold went to the Georgian Natia Gadelia with 208 kg, the Silver to Yekta Jamali Galeh from Iran with 205 kg, and finally the Bronze to Daria Meshcheriakova from Russia with 201 kg. Men 102 kg Category The Men’s 102 kg category began at 5PM local time with just 5 participants. The favourite of the category was the Kazakh Rakhat Bekbolat who currently holds the Youth and Junior World Record in Clean&Jerk and the Youth World Record in Total in this bodyweight category. In Snatch he lifted 155 kg on his last attempt and won the Gold. Taner Caglar from Turkey got the Silver with a 152 kg Snatch and the Bronze medal went to the Polish Szymon Ziolkowski who lifted 151 kg on his 3rd attempt. In C&J, Bekbolat had a clear advantage over the others.  He began with a first attempt of 185 kg, 14 kg higher than his closest competitor. He finally won the Gold medal with a 200 kg lift which also easily earned him the Gold medal in the Total. Ammar Rubaiawi Ali from Iraq took the Silver with lifts of 170kg, 180kg, and 185kg. To finish the last session of the day, the third medal, the Bronze, was won by Taner Caglar from Turkey with a third C&J of 185 kg, with the same weight as Rubaiawi Ali but Caglar lifted it later. Overall, Rakhat Bekbolat (KAZ) took the Gold medal with a total of 355 kg. Taner Caglar (TUR) got a Total of 337 kg and won the Silver. Finally, Ammar Rubaiawi Ali (IRQ) won the Bronze with 334 kg. Tomorrow the program will continue with the heaviest categories: the Women +81kg and the Men +102kg

Day 6 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

The competiton on the sixth day in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, continued with the Women 76 kg and Men 96 kg categories. Women 76 kg Category The competition started in the afternoon at 14:00 local time in Jeddah and first it was the women’s 76 kg turn. 7 women competed in this session and in Snatch the numbers were very close between athletes. The Mexican Angeles Cruz Hernandez began her three attempts with 83 kg on the bar and the same number was chosen by Alyssa Marie Ballard from USA. Both of their first attempts were successful, but it was then when the Mexican began adding one kilogram more to the bar than her direct competitor. While Ballard from USA did three successful lifts of 83 kg, 86 kg and 89 kg, Cruz Hernandez did also three successful one of 83 kg, 87 kg and 90 kg winning the Gold at the end. Alyssa Marie Ballard won the Silver medal and the Bronze was won by the Russian Madina Kelekhsaeva with her third 88 kg Snatch. In the C&J, the three same lifters succeeded, this time the Russian Madina Kelekhsaeva won the Gold medal with a third lift of 117 kg. Alyssa Marie Ballard from USA got the Silver medal with a 115 kg Clean & Jerk after three successful attempts and finally, the Bronze medal was won by the Mexican Angeles Cruz Hernandez after a second attempt of 109 kg. She tried to lift 112 kg on her third lift but unfortunately it was a no lift. In the Total, Madina Kelekhsaeva (RUS) won the Gold with 205 kg, Alyssa Marie Ballard (USA) the Silver with 204 kg and Angeles Cruz Hernandez (MEX) with 199 kg completed the podium with winning the Bronze medal. Men 96kg Category In the M96 kg category, in Snatch, the Gold medal went to Kurbonmurod Nomozov (UZB) with a second lift of 153 kg. The Uzbek made sure he obtained the Gold medal during his second lift and once he did that he tried to lift a Youth World Record of 163 kg but he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Gurami Vekua (GEO) progressively made it to 148 kg after another two successful Snatches and thus to the Silver medal. Muhammed Emin Burun (TUR) lifted 147 kg and won the Bronze medal. The same scenario happened during the C&J when the Uzbek Nomozov ensured the Gold medal in Clean & Jerk with his second lift of 189 kg. After that, he tried the Youth World Record, 8 kg higher, but did not succeed. The Silver went to the Georgian Gurami Vekua once again with a second Clean & Jerk of 180 kg and finally, the Bronze medal went to Muhammed Emin Burun from Turkey who lifted three successful lifts the latest being a 179 kg one. In the Total table of the M96 kg category, Kurbonmurod Nomozov (UZB) finished with 342 kg and won the Gold, Gurami Vekua (GEO) got the Silver with 328 kg and Muhammed Emin Burun (TUR) with 326 kg in Total completed the podium with the Bronze

Day 5 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

The fifth day of the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships in Tashkent had 3 bodyweight categories in action, divided in Group As and Bs. The morning started at 10.00 local time with the Women 64 kg and Women 71 kg Group B. Later in the day the Group As competed and the platform saw the Women 64 kg, the Men 89 kg and the Women 71 kg categories with the latest one holding two Youth World Records in Snatch and Total, both won by Zarina Gusalova from Russia. Women 64 kg Category In Snatch, Monika Marach from Poland dominated the field in the women 64 kg category. Her numbers were the highest from the beginning and the she finished the first part of the session with a second successful lift of 92 kg. Even though she failed the last one (94 kg), the second Snatch was enough to get her the Gold medal. The Silver was won by her direct competitor Segura Grueso with a 88 kg lift and finally, the Bronze was won by Alana Skripko, from Russia, with a Snatch of 82 kg. In Clean & Jerk, the main competition was between Ingrid Vanesa Segura Grueso (COL) and Monika Marach (POL). At the end the Gold went to the Colombian with a third lift of 116 kg after another three successful lifts. The Polish got the Silver with 5 kg less, a 111 kg lift, and finally the Bronze went to Haley C Trinh with a C&J of 103 kg. In Total, Ingrid Vanesa Segura Grueso (COL) won the Gold of the Women 64 kg podium with a Total of 204 kg, Monika Marach (POL) got a Total of 203 kg, just a kilogram less than the Colombian, and therefore took the Silver and finally, Haley C Trinh (USA) won the Bronze with 184 kg. Men 89 kg Category High numbers were achieved during the Men 89 kg session. The difference between competitors was little, with Turkey in the first two spots for medals in Snatch. Hakan Kurnaz won the Gold medal with a Snatch of 149 kg, just one kilogram over his compatriot Enes Celik, who lifted 148 kg and won the Silver medal. Finally, Mikhail Podkorytov from Russia took the Bronze medal with a lift of 142 kg. In the C&J, the first spot was taken by Aleksandr Lazaryan from Armenia who performed strongly on the platform. He lifted the highest numbers from the beginning, and having ended up in 5th position in Snatch, this was a good surprise for everyone. His progression was stable with 172 kg on his first lift, 178 kg the second, and 182 kg on the final C&J that gave him the Gold. The Russian Podkorytov won another medal, this time a Silver, with a 180 kg C&J and ultimately, it was Hakan Kurnaz from Turkey who pulled off the Bronze medal with a 170 kg C&J, same weight that his teammate Celik had lifted, but after Kurnaz. The final Total medals of the M89 kg were: The Gold with a Total of 323 kg went to Aleksandr Lazaryan (ARM), the Silver to Mikhail Podkorytov (RUS) with lifts totaling 322 kg, and finally the Bronze was won by Hakan Kurnaz (TUR) with a total of 319 kg. Women 71 kg Category During the last Group A session of the day, W71 kg, we were blessed to see the 7th and 8th Youth World Records of the Championships, with the first of them happening when Zarina Gusalova (RUS) lifted a 103 kg Snatch, overpassing the World Standard Record and achieving the Snatch Gold. The Silver went to the Uzbek Nigora Suvonova with a progression of 86 kg, 89 kg and 92 kg, all successful attempts, and the Bronze medal went to Mia Deleslyn Rhodes from USA with a lift of 88 kg. During C&J we saw the second record of the day, again coming from the Russian Zarina Gusalova. She did a first lift of 115 kg to ensure the Total Gold and then proceeded to try a second C&J of 123 kg to achieve the Youth World Record. She did so and, as she had a third attempt left, she tried to beat a third Youth World Record in C&J this time with a lift of 127 kg but unfortunately failed. The Silver in C&J was again for the Uzbek Suvonova with a second lift of 114 kg, and the third spot and Bronze medal was for the other Uzbek, Sevinchoy Komilova with a 111 kg Clean & Jerk. In Total, Zarina Gusalova (RUS) achieved the Gold with 226 kg, Nigora Suvonova from Uzbekistan the Silver with 206 kg, and the Polish Martyna Dolega the Bronze medal with a 195 kg