WR Explanation

WR Explanation

The Executive Board approved the method elaborated by the Bodyweight Category Working Group to be applied in the establishment of new World and Olympic Records. Since the record figures have been scientifically created in a mathematical process, and do not represent the actual achievement of an athlete, it was agreed to call them World Standards until an athlete exceeds them by a minimum of 1 kg.


The methodology applied is the following:

– The trendline of the current World / Olympic Records for both genders and age groups is drawn;

– The point where the trendline meets the new bodyweight category is the reference figure for the new Standard;

– The reference figure is decreased by a set percentage to provide a realistically reachable figure, also supporting marketing objectives;

– Percentage (different for both gender and age groups) aligned to the average winning results of the last 3 IWF World Championships

– * Women Records for the 7th (90kg – Senior/Junior, 75kg – Youth) bodyweight categories are not considered for the trendline as results clearly show that the athlete performance is not yet maximised;

– ** Superheavy Records were made with higher bodyweight than the new highest bodyweight category (i.e. athletes’ bodyweight is the same), for this reason the actual Record is decreased by a set percentage;


Gender Senior Junior Youth
Men 95% 90% 89%
Women 92% 87% 85%

Example: Senior Men Total

The Working Group agreed that the World Standards/Records should be reconsidered after 2020 and in the categories where World Standards still exist the highest athlete performance shall be considered as World Record.