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IWF EB Approves Draft Constitution Ahead of Key Congress

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) today circulated a revised version of its proposed Constitution with a view to securing approval for it at the forthcoming resumption of the IWF's Constitution Reform Congress on 29 August in Doha. The draft Constitution was approved by the Reform and Governance Commission on 13 August and by the IWF Executive Board on 15 August. "After the IWF's Member Federations approved the Constitution in principle during the first part of our Constitution Reform Congress, the IWF is grateful to the independent experts and others in the Reform and Governance Commission, under the leadership of Darren Kane, for taking the time to make the revisions necessary to ensure the Constitution can achieve the required two thirds majority when we reconvene," said IWF Interim President Dr Michael Irani. "This version also reflects lengthy discussions on our future governance before and even during the weightlifting competitions of Tokyo 2020 aimed at achieving consensus." Revisions to the draft Constitution, which can be found here, include increased women's representation on the future IWF Executive Board and increased representation for athletes. Considering the importance of athlete representation, there will also be a voting presence for athletes within the Congress. "Taken together, the provisions of this new Constitution represent a very significant improvement in the IWF's governance, an improvement that would see the IWF ranked more favourably in the ASOIF governance survey alongside our Olympic counterparts," continued Dr Irani. "The IWF urges its member federations to examine the document carefully and to come to Doha fully prepared to make the changes required to ensure weightlifting's Olympic

TALAKHADZE Makes History in Dramatic Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Conclusion

The weightlifting competition at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 came to a dramatic, spectacular conclusion Wednesday as TALAKHADZE Lasha shattered World Records en route to his second consecutive Olympic Gold medal in the men’s +109kg category. “I feel very happy about it. It was a long training period during this pandemic. I had a great dream and excitement to win the gold medal again (after Rio 2016). That dream came true again,” TALAKHADZE said. In the snatch, TALAKHADZE opened successfully at 208kg, 4kg over the Olympic Standard. He then lifted 215kg for a new Olympic record before hitting 223kg snatch on his third attempt, setting new World, Olympic and European continental records.  In the clean & jerk, took the final three attempts of these Olympic Games in succession. TALAKHADZE opened successfully at 245kg, giving him an Olympic Record total of 468kg. He made his second attempt, 255kg, setting new Olympic Records in the clean & jerk and total (478kg.) For his final attempt, TALAKHADZE hit a World, Olympic and European continental record 265kg lift, capping a perfect six-for-six performance. Like his snatch and clean & jerk, TALAKHADZE’s 488kg total set new World, Olympic an European continental records. He beat his competition by an impressive 47kg. “Each of my opponents are strong opponents, my achievements look high, but they are all just opponents which are well valued and appreciated by me. My major thought (during competition) is that I want to win myself,” TALAKHADZE said. DAVOUDI Ali gave IRI its first silver medal of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with a 441kg total. “I am very happy. It’s been my pursuit since childhood and I’ve been working hard. I congratulate the Iranian people and I am happy that during this quarantine I can make them happy. I am hoping next time I can get them gold,” DAVOUDI said. Rounding out the podium was ASAAD Man, SYR, who took home bronze with a 424kg total. “This is the biggest sporting event in the world and the medal means a lot to me and my country Syria. This is a result of hard work, a lot of exercise, I gift it to my coach and all of the team. My feelings are very high right now,” ASSAD said. In all, 42 athletes from 24 National Olympic Committees took home medals in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games weightlifting competition. CHN topped the medal table with eight medals, seven of them gold, and one silver. ECU will be taking home two medals, including one gold. GEO and TPE tied for third with each nation winning one gold medal and one bronze.  As the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 draws to a close, the International Weightlifting Federation wishes to thank the athletes, coaches, technical officials, volunteers and everyone who helped make the competition a great

UZB Claims Gold in 109kg Nailbiter

Tuesday night DJURAEV Akbar became Uzbekistan’s second man ever to win Olympic Weightlifting gold after taking the top spot on the podium in the 109kg category at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.  Putting up an Olympic Record clean & jerk of 237kg on his final attempt, his 430kg total gave him another Olympic Record and the title Olympic Champion. “I didn’t think I could get these records and this medal, so I'm very confused right now. It's not only my medal, it is Uzbekistan’s medal, and I’m giving it for the 30-year anniversary of Uzbekistan’s declaration of independence,” DJURAEV said. DJURAEV follows fellow Uzbeki athlete NURUDINOV Ruslan as their nation’s only gold medalists in Olympic Weightlifting. NURUDINOV claimed gold in the men's 105kg at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. Despite taking a 2kg lead into the clean & jerks following his Olympic Record snatch of 195kg, MARTIROSYAN Simon of Armenia had to settle for the silver medal. He took two attempts at 238kg to try and win gold, but ultimately came up short. PLESNIEKS Arturs of Latvia is his nation's second athlete to ever medal in Weightlifting at an Olympic Games. His 410kg total earned him the bronze medal. “This medal means 20 years of effort. I have many medals from juniors, from world competitions but this is my first medal from the Olympics, and I’m very happy to have it,” PLESNIEKS said. Fellow countryman SCERBATIS Viktors claimed two medals in the men's +105kg event, silver at the 2004 Games in Athens and bronze at the 2008 games in Beijing.  Wednesday marks the final day of Weightlifting at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Lifting begins at 1:50PM with the men’s +109kg B session. In the final session of the Games, the men’s +109kg A group, TALAKHADZE Lasha of Georgia looks to improve on his World Records and win a gold medal in his second consecutive Olympic Games. The final session lifts off at 7:50PM

COFFA Reflects on Attending Two Tokyo Games

Fifty-seven years ago this October 11, Sam COFFA, then 28, stepped onto the stage at Shibuya Public Hall, and lifted for Australia in the men’s 56kg category at the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964. COFFA, now 85, is back in Tokyo for the Olympic Games serving the sport on the other side of the platform as Technical Delegate for the Weightlifting competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. “There is a bit of nostalgia about it,” COFFA said. “At the very beginning of the competition. My mind wandered a little bit. I shut my eyes and thought, ‘my God I was on the other side.’ I was so happy and proud to represent my country [Australia.]”  Technical Delegates are appointed to ensure competitions are carried out per the rules of the sport. They also assist in managing the competition with organizers. For COFFA, a longtime sport administrator following his athlete career, the role of Technical Delegate was a natural fit. In the 57 years since he’s competed, COFFA has seen a change in the sport world. At these Games, in his role, COFFA is celebrating a rebirth of sorts, for Weightlifting and the Olympic Movement as a whole.” “You can see medals being won by countries that have never won medals,” COFFA said. “Things have changed for the better."  As far as how Japan has changed since he attend the Games in 1964, COFFA said there was no comparison. Because of health and safety protocols, COFFA and all Olympic participants, are not allowed outside of the safety bubble-- something that was not an issue at the first Tokyo Games. But there have been some constants in his two experiences.  “The people of Japan are very, very kind,” COFFA said. “The Olympic Games is the Olympic

CHN Sweeps Gold on Final Day of Women’s Weightlifting at Tokyo 2020

CHN swept gold Monday as the women’s weightlifting competition of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 came to a close in spectacular fashion. In the +87kg category, LI Wenwen (CHN) took home Olympic Records in snatch (140kg), clean & jerk (180kg) and total (320kg. It was China's seventh gold medal in weightlifting at these Olympic Games, equalling the record by an NOC: seven by the Soviet Union in 1976. China has now won five of the six gold medals in the women's super heavyweight category at the Olympic Games. “I would like to thank my country. Without my country I cannot make such great achievements,” LI said.  CAMPBELL Emily Jade claimed GBR’s first ever medal in women’s weightlifting, a silver. She made her last clean & jerk of 161kg to take second place overall with a 283kg total. “I said to myself, 'I’ve just got to believe in myself. It's not going to be easy. It's going be a hard fight, but I do believe that I could potentially win a medal.' Weightlifting is unpredictable, you could be in the best shape of your life and somebody else is even better shape,” CAMPBELL said. CAMPBELL’s silver is GBR’s first Olympic weightlifting medal since the Olympic Games 1984 Los Angeles. ROBLES Sarah Elizabeth etched herself into Olympic history, becoming the only woman from the USA to win two Olympic weightlifting medals. Her 282kg total gave her bronze, following a bronze medal in the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016. ““I show up every day to the gym, worked out (and) got in shape. Then I got invited to come here with the competition. Obviously with Covid we had some interesting changes with competition dates and procedures, there was a lot of uncertainty,” ROBLES said. In the women’s 87kg A session, WANG Zhouyu claimed CHN’s 6th weightlifting gold medal of the Tokyo Games with a 270kg total. “"In our team for weightlifting, when we go abroad for any competition, we want to first display China's strengths. Chinese athletes, each of them, are here for the gold medal. I thank my opponents because it's together we can improve and progress,” WANG said. ECU’s SALAZAR ARCE Tamara Yajaira set new Pan American Continental records in clean & jerk (150kg) and total (263kg) as she went on to win silver.  “"I'm so happy with this silver medal, it is a result of years and years of sacrifice and a lot of effort. I'm happy beyond belief, I actually went beyond my objectives. I worked so hard to be able to be as close as possible to my other counterparts,” SALAZAR ARCE said. SANTANA PEGUERO Crismery Dominga of DOM claimed bronze with a 256kg total, her nation’s second weightlifting medal of the Tokyo 2020 Games, and the first by a woman in an individual event. "I feel very proud of being able to represent a small island like my country and to win a medal in an Olympic event. I'm also very grateful towards my family. We've been working very hard. I'm a perfectionist,” SANTANA PEGUERO said. Earlier in the day’s combined women’s 87kg / +87kg B session, VALENTIN PEREZ Lidia lifted in her fourth Olympic Games. The 2012 Olympic Champion, 2008 Olympic silver medalist and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist posted a 225kg total. She snatched a best 103kg and made her opening 122kg clean & jerk before skipping her remaining attempts.  The penultimate weightlifting competition of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 happens Tuesday as medals in the men’s 109kg bodyweight category will be up for grabs. Lifting begins at the Tokyo International Forum at 1:50PM with the 109kg B session followed by the 109kg A session at

ECU Claims Gold as Pan America Sweeps Women’s 76kg

Athletes from Pan America swept the podium Sunday in the women’s 76kg bodyweight competition at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.  Gold medalist and Olympic Champion DAJOMES BARRERA Neisi Patricia became ECU’s first woman to ever win gold.   "I feel really happy and really proud," DAJOMES BARRERA said of her 263kg total, a new Pan American record. “In snatch I had lifted the weight (before); in clean & jerk it was the first time I have lifted 145kg. The training regimen has given me the strength to be comfortable in all my competitions, and that's what you can see." She’s the third athlete from ECU to win a medal at the Olympic Games after PEREZ Jefferson won two medals in the race walk (gold in 1996 and silver in 2008) and CARAPAZ Richard won the men's cycling road race at Tokyo 2020. DAJOMES BARRERA celebrated her family on the platform with “mama & hermano”, mother & brother, written on her palm.  2019 IWF World Champion Nye KATHERINE ELIZABETH landed the silver medal-- her nation’s first silver in women’s weightlifting at the Olympic Games. "It feels surreal, I feel like I've had such a whirlwind,” NYE said. “I started lifting in 2016, so the fact that I'm here in 2021 with a medal around my neck is just unreal.” NYE looked strong with a 249kg total. Her third snatch, a 114kg total, was initially ruled a good lift, but was later overturned by the jury for dropping the barbell above the shoulders. That didn’t shake NYE’s confidence heading into the clean & jerk.  "That was one of the best lifts I've ever done in my life, especially at that weight,” NYE said. “But when it comes down to it, I broke the rules. I saw it and I was like, 'Oh shoot'. It's something you don't think about very often, especially in a highly emotional moment like that. It's a disappointment, but they were right and all I can do is learn from it, and that's what I plan on doing." MEX claimed Mexico its fourth Olympic medal in weightlifting and its first since 2012, with FUENTES ZAVALA Aremi’s bronze medal-winning performance.  “I put a lot of effort into getting to this moment - in this moment I believed the most in myself.” FUENTES ZAVALA said. “It means a lot to me and my family, and obviously also for my country it means a lot." FUENTES ZAVALA put up her 245kg total early in the clean & jerk competition and had to watch other athletes try to take her spot on the podium.  "Of course the nerves are always there, but I have worked very hard on the psychological aspect of the sport to inhibit this nervousness and everything that comes with it. I believe in my own work while doing my sport, and not being influenced by the results of the other athletes,” FUENTES ZAVALA said.  The women’s weightlifting competition at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 concludes Monday with the 87kg and +87kg bodyweight categories decided. A combined 87kg/+87kg B session gets underway at the Tokyo International Forum at 11:50AM Japan time, followed by the 87kg A session at 3:50PM and the +87kg A session at