Focus on IWF


Who we are

  • The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is a permanent non-profit organization composed of 192 affiliated National Federations worldwide, from all five Continents
  • Weightlifting was one of the first sports included already in the first Modern Olympic Games 1896
  • The IWF was founded in 1905, being one of the oldest International Sport Federations
  • The IWF is the world controlling body for weightlifting
  • The IWF is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sole controlling body for international weightlifting
  • The IWF is a member of SportAccord and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF)

Organization structure 


  • Promote Weightlifting as a core sport & support the development, health and unity for the benefit of all its stakeholders


  • To promote, lead and govern the sport of weightlifting throughout the world
  • To endorse the key values of the sport and the Olympic principles
  • To support all initiatives for peace and understanding
  • To advocate and ensure competitions in the spirit of Fair Play
  • To provide equal conditions for different Continents, countries, individuals without distinctions for reasons of race, colour, gender, religion or politics


  • To organise, control and develop the sport of weightlifting on an international scale
  • To govern the sport and the IWF in accordance with the principles and practice of parliamentary democracy and transparency
  • To establish the weightlifting Rules and Regulations
  • To control and regulate all international weightlifting competitions
  • To organize World Championships, Olympic Qualification competitions and other major events
  • To cooperate with the IOC on the organisation of Olympic Games, weightlifting events
  • To ensure the safety and health of the athletes and officials
  • To fight against doping
  • To support the development of weightlifting in National Federations
  • To supervise weightlifting events at Continental, Regional and other Multisport Games
  • To supervise the activities of Continental and Regional Federations
  • To register and govern the appointment of International Technical Officials
  • To educate athletes and officials
  • To safeguard the common interest and to ensure mutual respect and unity between the IWF and the National Federations
  • To record and verify world and Olympic records