Buy Generic Cialis Online

Buy Generic Cialis Online


Cialis is a drug that is actively used in modern medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its main active ingredient is Tadalafil. This substance belongs to selective inhibitors of PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). PDE-5 is an enzyme that is expressed mainly in the cavernous bodies of the penis and, through complex biochemical reactions, is responsible for inhibiting the mechanism of erection. Tadalafil has a vasodilating effect on the arteries of the cavernous bodies, which contributes to increased inflow of blood to the penis and, in combination with increased production of nitric oxide, causes an enhanced and longer erection.

Generic Cialis

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Cialis Online

In today’s world, the most convenient way to purchase many products, including medicines, is to order online. Cialis is no exception. In online pharmacies, the prices for this medicine are significantly lower than in regular local ones. The process of making a purchase itself is simple and understandable for any Internet user.

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Online pharmacies are most popular with those consumers who are looking for affordable and quality Cialis generics. However, if you are interested in branded Cialis, you should also not bypass online pharmacies. Here you can often find profitable offers of branded Cialis, various discount coupons, promotions, etc.

Cheap Generic Cialis Online

Cheap generic Cialis online is exactly what a large number of men suffering from symptoms of such an unpleasant disease as erectile dysfunction are looking for in 2021. Why are they interested in generics and not in the original Cialis?

Everything is very simple. First of all, branded Cialis is never cheap. No, of course, you can find quite favorable offers and purchase the original drug at a price below the market average, but generics are still significantly cheaper. You cannot even compare the cost of generics, especially those of Indian or Canadian production, with the cost of branded Cialis. So, the price of one pill of Cialis with a dosage of 20 mg can be $1.1 if the patient opts for a generic drug, and maybe $26 if he prefers a branded drug. At the same time, in most cases, a man is forced to take means to increase potency on a more or less regular basis, and not on special occasions. Of course, branded Cialis hits the budget hard.

However, price is not the only consideration that contributes to the fact that the demand for generics of Cialis is growing every year. Another important factor that speaks in favor of generics of Tadalafil is that they offer a wider range of dosages and forms of drug release. Today, many men are tired of the traditional pill form of the drug, because there is nothing pleasant about swallowing pills, especially on a regular basis, as if you are a chronic patient. In addition, you need to drink the usual Cialis pills with water, which negates almost any efforts of a man to secretly take the medicine. Meanwhile, reluctance to advertise the use of drugs for erectile dysfunction is more than common among men suffering from problems with potency, especially if they are not married, but have short-term sexual relations. Generic Cialis is available in sachets and soft tablets. The medicine in these forms doesn’t require drinking it down with water, and besides, it begins to act faster than conventional tablets. The most convenient form for covert administration is soft tablets. They come with pleasant flavors, usually mint or some kind of fruit, and no one can suspect that you have taken a means to increase potency, and not just decided to freshen your breath.

The most profitable option for purchasing Cialis generics is to make an online purchase, and there is the following pattern: the larger the pharmacy where you place an order, the lower the prices. In addition, very often the rule for international pharmacies is the inverse proportion of the number of purchased pills and their cost. Simply put, the more units of medicine (pills, gel packs, or soft tablets) you purchase, the lower the cost of each will be. An essential advantage of online pharmacy shopping is anonymity and no need to confront people, experiencing unnecessary embarrassment. Payment for the order takes place online, you only come across a postal employee who hands you a parcel without having the slightest idea about its contents.


Quite a lot of men are worried about whether it is safe to take Cialis generics. This is mainly due to the bias that generics are inferior to the original drug. These fears are baseless: generics of Tadalafil are no more dangerous for a man’s body than branded Cialis, because they contain absolutely the same active ingredient.

Generic Cialis from India

The most affordable and at the same time high quality Cialis generics are produced in India. This developing country is a leader in pharmaceuticals. More than a dozen major manufacturers of generics offer their versions of Cialis analogues. Among them are such eminent players in the pharmaceutical market as Centurion Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s, but a number of lesser-known manufacturers have decent options as well.

Indian Generic Cialis are available in a huge range of dosages. Whereas a branded drug is sold in only three dosage options (20, 10 and 5 mg), Indian companies sell options such as 15 mg, 2.5 mg, and 40 mg. The latter option cannot be taken in its entirety, the tablet must be divided into at least two parts, since the maximum permitted dosage of tadalafil per day is 20 mg. Despite the inconvenience of having to cut or break the tablet apart, the 40 mg dosage is attractive to many men, as this is the most economical solution in most cases. A dosage such as 2.5 mg is the choice of those men who take Cialis on a daily basis. Mainly, this happens when a man takes Tadalafil against the background of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). A dosage of 15 mg is preferred by men who avoid taking the maximum dosage of Cialis, but find 10 mg an insufficiently effective option.

Many Indian companies producing Cialis generics focus on non-standard forms of release. They represent a unique way to beat many competitors. If you are interested in Tadalafil in the form of a gel for oral administration or in the form of soft tablets that can be chewed or sucked in the mouth, then pay attention to Indian analogues of Cialis.

If you don’t know how you can buy cheap Generic Cialis from India and doubt that it can be done easily, we hasten to reassure you: it is very simple, since a significant part of the Indian pharmaceutical market is focused on the international consumer. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of the USA, Australia or any European country, all you need to do is simply use the services of any of the many international pharmacies that deliver medicines from India. Their websites are always available in English and the checkout process is no different from making a purchase at any regular online store. Also, quite a lot of large national Indian online pharmacies carry out international drug delivery, and sometimes Indian-made Cialis generics can be found in online pharmacies based in the USA or Canada. However, in the latter case, you will have to make some efforts to search, and the cost of drugs will be slightly higher than when buying them directly from the manufacturer.

Many buyers will be pleased that India has one of the most liberal pharmaceutical laws and that Tadalafil is sold over the counter in the vast majority of cases. Usually, it is enough to put a tick on a special box that informs you at checkout that you have added a prescription drug to your shopping cart. The very fact that the requirement for a prescription for the purchase of Cialis is so mandatory in the United States turns many men away from purchasing this drug in America. Indeed, according to very rough estimates, only about 30% of men address their problems with potency to an urologist, and not all of them receive the coveted piece of paper with a prescription.

Generic Cialis from Canada

In most cases, Canadian generics of Cialis are produced in the form of conventional pills, since Canadian manufacturers are adherents of traditions. With dosages, too, everything is usually standard, these are the classic 5, 10 and 20 mg of Tadalafil in each pill, less often you can find the option with 40 mg in one pill. What attracts consumers to Canadian generics is their maximum reliability, high quality and impeccable reputation. They are not as cheap as Indian ones, rather, they occupy the next price niche. However, their quality is in no way inferior to the quality of branded Cialis, which is produced in the USA by Eli Lilly. Moreover, according to reviews of a significant number of consumers, Canadian-made generics of Tadalafil have a milder effect on the body and cause fewer side effects. Famous manufacturers of Cialis generics include such Canadian pharmaceutical companies as Apotex Inc., Fresenius Kabi Canada Ltd., Marcan Pharmaceuticals Inc. and many others.
You can buy cheap Cialis generics from Canada both in Canadian and many international online pharmacies. A pleasant fact for US residents is that Canadian medicines are very quickly delivered to the United States, in most cases, delivery to any location in the United States takes no longer than four days. Canadian Cialis is preferred by men who are skeptical about the cheapest generics and don’t favor Asian products.

Despite the fact that formally Cialis is a prescription drug, in Canada, the attitude to its status is much more liberal than in the United States. It is usually not difficult to obtain this erectile dysfunction medication without a doctor’s prescription, although some pharmacies, especially national Canadian pharmacies, may require you to send a scan of your prescription.

Cialis or Viagra?

On the international pharmaceutical market for many years there has been a kind of confrontation between the two most popular and widely used drugs to improve potency: Cialis and Viagra. The third player among ED drugs, Levitra, is out of this fight, as it has a slightly different spectrum of indications (Levitra is often used for combating premature ejaculation). So, what is better to choose to normalize potency, Cialis or Viagra? And is there any truth in this dispute?

Usually Cialis is preferred by men who are wary of potent drugs and seek to find the softest and yet effective means to increase potency. Viagra, on the other hand, is chosen mainly by those men who seek to obtain the most pronounced effect in the shortest possible time.

In all disputes about Viagra and Cialis, there is a discussion of such an important point as the severity of side effects. Cialis differs from all other drugs for combating erectile dysfunction in that it causes the least number of side effects, and those that do occur have a significantly less severity than in the case of Viagra. In the eyes of many men, this is an indisputable advantage, because it is much easier to endure a slight headache or nasal congestion than a distortion of color perception, tachycardia or back pain – these are the side effects that are quite characteristic of Sildenafil, the active substance of Viagra. Nevertheless, not everything is so simple, otherwise Cialis would simply oust Viagra from the market. The situation with side effects is quite individual. One patient may have a vivid picture of the undesirable effects of Sildenafil, while another will be more susceptible to Tadalafil. It is not difficult to find a wide variety of reviews on the Internet from men who have tried both drugs, in an effort to determine which one suits them best. The results are very different: for some men, both drugs were suitable, others felt better after taking Cialis, and still others after taking Viagra. However, in general, it can be recommended that if the patient suffers from any diseases of the cardiovascular system or has a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, it is better to choose Cialis. Viagra is the choice of men without concomitant diseases, especially useful for those who have severe erectile dysfunction. Cialis is in focus of men with BHP (prostate adenoma). In addition, the results of clinical studies show that Cialis is more suitable for long-term daily intake than Viagra.

Restrictions for the Use of Cialis

Although Cialis is the best tolerated drug of all PDE5 inhibitors, it has its own limitations to its use. They can be divided into absolute and relative contraindications.

The absolute contraindications for taking Cialis include:

  • taking any organic nitrates
  • age younger than 18 years
  • hypersensitivity or previous allergy to Tadalafil
  • taking other PDE-5 inhibitors
  • unstable angina
  • condition after myocardial infarction or stroke in the last 6 months

The list of relative contraindications for taking Cialis is more impressive. These include:

  • renal failure, especially severe renal failure (consultation of a urologist is required)
  • hepatic impairment, especially severe hepatic impairment (consultation with a hepatologist is required)
  • the presence of cardiovascular diseases in the stage of decompensation (consultation of a cardiologist is required, special attention should be paid to patients with arterial hypertension and atrial fibrillation)
  • condition after myocardial infarction or stroke in the last 6-12 months

In general, Cialis, like other PDE-5 inhibitors, is not recommended for men who, due to the state of the cardiovascular system, are not recommended to engage in sexual activity. You should also be careful in patients with arterial hypotension, although usually doctors pay less attention to this condition than hypertension. Cialis is not recommended for men who have a predisposition to priapism, which is observed in diseases such as sickle cell anemia or leukemia, without consulting a urologist. Another group of men who should carefully think about the advisability of taking both Cialis and other means to increase potency are patients with anatomical deformity of the penis, which may be the result of angulation, cavernous fibrosis or Peyronie’s disease.

It should be remembered that Cialis is not a panacea for all types of erectile dysfunction. In ED caused by radical prostatectomy, Viagra has a more noticeable effect. In case of potency disorders associated with problems in the production of male sex hormones, any PDE-5 inhibitors will be useless, hormonal treatment under the supervision of an endocrinologist is necessary.