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Armenia’s Prime Minister meets with the IWF to discuss 2027 IWF Worlds in Yerevan

The IWF President Mohammed Jalood and the IWF General Secretary Antonio Urso met today in Yerevan with the Prime Minister of Armenia, Mr Nikol Pashinyan, to discuss the preparation of the IWF World Championships, to be staged in the country in 2027. It will be the first time that the IWF showcase will be held in Armenia, a decision taken by the IWF Executive Board last March 29 in Phuket (THA), with the occasion of the IWF World Cup.

Yerevan was recently a very successful host of the 2023 European Championships, a competition that established new standards in terms of sports presentation, TV production, and spectators’ attendance. Based on this achievement, the Armenian bid for the 2027 IWF World Championships was enthusiastically welcomed by the IWF.

IWF President and IWF General Secretary meeting Armenia’s Prime Minister, Mr Nikol Pashinyan (third from the right)

“The level of commitment by our friends in Armenia is amazing and the personal interest and involvement of the Prime Minister are a solid guarantee that we will have a great competition in Yerevan! Both at the government and national federation level, the support and professionalism are outstanding. I have no doubts that these Championships will be a milestone in our history and will inspire many young lifters in Armenia – already a very strong nation in weightlifting – to pursue their career. This is also the legacy that was emphasised by the Prime Minister,” considered the IWF President Mohammed Jalood after the meeting with Mr Pashinyan.

Earlier in the day, the IWF delegation was present in a media conference, together with the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Mr Arayik Harutyunyan, the Armenian Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Ms Zhanna Andreasyan, and the General Secretary of the Armenian Weightlifting Federation, Mr Pashik Alaverdyan.

From left to right: Mr Antonio Urso (IWF General Secretary), Mr Mohammed Jalood (IWF President), Mr Arayik Harutyunyan (Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff), Ms Zhanna Andreasyan (Armenian Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport) and Mr Pashik Alaverdyan (General Secretary of the Armenian Weightlifting Federation)

It was a privileged occasion to brief the local media about the importance of the IWF showcase, and its positive impact in the country. Details were given on the organisation of the event and the general activities to be carried out until the start of the competition.

“In terms of promotion and exposure, I am sure that everyone in Armenia is determined to spread out the message and to profile the IWF World Championships, in the words of the Prime Minister, ‘as the biggest sports event ever staged in Yerevan’. With three years to go, it is quite impressive to see already the level of interest and anticipation, so it won’t be difficult to guess the atmosphere that we will live closer and during the event!” declared the IWF General Secretary.

After the official meetings, both Mr Jalood and Mr Urso had the opportunity to enjoy a guided visit to the historical capital of Armenia, Yerevan, one of the world’s most ancient inhabited cities.  

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