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2024: new year, new Prohibited Substances List

This Olympic year started with a new WADA List of Prohibited Substances and Methods, which contains some important updates and modifications. A summary of those changes can be found here, while the new List is available through this link.

Particular attention should be given to information regarding tramadol: in September 2022, WADA decided to prohibit the narcotic tramadol in competition, effective January 1, 2024. The delay in implementation was to ensure stakeholders had enough time to learn and adapt to this change, especially as it pertained to the education of athletes, their entourage, and medical personnel. 

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Tramadol has been on WADA’s Monitoring Programme and data gathered through that programme have indicated significant use in sports. Tramadol abuse, with its risk of physical dependence, opiate use disorder and overdoses, is of concern worldwide and has led to it being a controlled drug in many countries. Research studies funded by WADA have also confirmed the potential for tramadol to enhance sports performance. 

Besides changes in the List, 2024 also saw the implementation of a new Monitoring Programme (available here)

In order to enhance athletes’ feedback on this important topic, WADA is organising a 2024 annual perception survey. We invite all lifters to complete this questionnaire, by no later than January 17, 2024 by clicking in the following link:

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