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Executive Board reconfirms Policy for AIN participation at IWF events

Following its decision on May 12, 2023 the IWF Executive Board reconfirmed on July 19, 2023 its policy concerning the participation of Individual Neutral Athletes (AIN) at the IWF events. If the decision taken in May only included athletes and respective support personnel, the latest IWF deliberation also concerns the Technical Officials with Russian and Belarussian passports.

The principle of the policy remains unaltered, as participants under this status must observe a strict neutrality during their participation in those events. Moreover, each of those participants must sign an Eligibility Declaration and Undertaking.

Finally, individual checks will continue being performed by independent agencies on all athletes, respective support personnel and technical officials with Russian or Belarusian passports, who are aiming to take part in IWF competitions.

Relevant documents:

IWF Policy (amended as of July 19, 2023)
Declaration & Undertaking (amended as of July 19, 2023)