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Lausanne hosts successful second Swiss Street Weightlifting

The second edition of the Swiss Street Weightlifting successfully took place on July 8-9 in Lausanne (SUI), the Olympic capital. During the weekend, in a very central location of the city – the Flon – many hundreds of adults and children had the opportunity to see weightlifting exhibitions and even to have an initiation to the sport. The organisers of the event, also supported by the IWF, were “very happy with the enthusiasm around this initiative” and the “support of the Lausanne people to street weightlifting”.

Photo by Nadine Blanchard

On a more competitive mode, six mixed teams of two lifters (one man, one woman) – this is one of the main “concepts” of this initiative, the possibility of having men and women competing together in the same team – made the way into the finals. For the fifth place, the battle between Team Crossfit (A. Lancry & J. Aufdenblatten) and team Switzerland (S. Meister & Y. Tschan) was won by the latter. On the fight for the bronze medal, Team France (L. Antonio & B. Ferré) was better than Team Spain (G. Anasagasti & A. Mendoza). Finally, the gold went to Team International (S. Davies & D. Certov), which defeated Team Brit-Swiss (F. Morrow & T. Verloes).

Besides the “traditional” weightlifting competition, a bench press exhibition was open to everyone, as well as a demonstration of street workouts (thus bringing together athletes and spectators). Moreover, one of the goals of the Swiss Street Weightlifting is to bring together two communities – weightlifting and CrossFit. That is why the organisers of the event opted for a faster, more attractive and interactive competition format. On Sunday morning, the Swiss Youth Championship was held and a free weightlifting initiation was organised for children.