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IWF Executive Board Meeting – May 20, 2023

Following its meeting on May 12, 2023 and the implementation of the IWF Policy related to the participation of athletes and support personnel with Russian and Belarussian passports at IWF events, the IWF Executive Board gathered today to officially validate the status of the following AIN athletes and support personnel:

Petr ASAYONAK (Athlete)                                    ELIGIBLE
Andrei FRALOU (Athlete)                                     ELIGIBLE
Pavel KHADASEVICH (Athlete)                            ELIGIBLE
Darya KHEIDZER (Athlete)                                   ELIGIBLE
Henadz LAPTSEU (Athlete)                                  ELIGIBLE
Ryna LITOSHYK (Athlete)                                      ELIGIBLE
Ihar LOZKA (Athlete)                                             ELIGIBLE
Dziyana MAISEYEVICH (Athlete)                        ELIGIBLE
Siarhei SHARANKOU (Athlete)                            ELIGIBLE
Alina SHCHAPANAVA (Athlete)                          ELIGIBLE
Yauheni TSIKHANTSOU (Athlete)                       ELIGIBLE
Siuzanna VALODZKA (Athlete)                            ELIGIBLE
Eduard ZIAZIULIN (Athlete)                                 ELIGIBLE
Ihar BIRSKI (Doctor)                                              ELIGIBLE
Aliaksei FILIPENIA (Therapist)                             ELIGIBLE
Vitaliy KREIDICH (Official)                                    ELIGIBLE
Aleh LOBAN (Coach)                                             ELIGIBLE
Natallia RADUKHOUSKAYA (Team Leader)     ELIGIBLE
Valery SIZIANOK (Coach)                                     ELIGIBLE

All the individuals in this list have a Belarussian passport.  

No signed declarations were received from athletes or support personnel with a Russian passport by the end of the established deadline (May 15, 2023). Therefore, AIN lifters and related staff with Russian passports lost the opportunity to enter the upcoming IWF event in Cuba.

The IWF gave an equal and fair opportunity to the athletes and support personnel from both concerned countries to participate at the IWF Grand Prix in La Havana (CUB). These recommendations follow the IOC guidelines.

The IWF opted for a non-exclusion policy, as it deeply believes that sport is one of the most powerful tools for international unity and solidarity. Within this spirit of tolerance, and while reiterating its unconditional support for the athletes and sport authorities in Ukraine, the IWF established eligibility criteria and conditions of participation at the upcoming IWF event for individual neutral athletes.