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2024-2032 IWF Strategic Plan: the work has begun!

Following the recent decision by the IWF Executive Board on March 30 to create a “2024-2032 IWF Strategic Plan”, the working group in charge of this project had its first meeting last April 25 and sent today to the IWF National Member Federations an initial survey, as part of the extensive consultative process with the IWF main stakeholders.

In this early stage, the IWF is interested in establishing a portrait of the strengths, but also the challenges our Federation is confronted with, and to establish a list of priorities that are felt essential by our members, and that will therefore have a special place in the “2024-2032 IWF Strategic Plan”.

The document is intended to constitute a solid roadmap for action in the years to come and will be ultimately approved by the IWF Congress, taking place in Riyadh, next September, with the occasion of the IWF World Championships in Saudi Arabia. Due to the changing nature of the sports international environment, this will also be an “evolving” document, which has to be regularly monitored and eventually fine-tuned in due course, so that it is adapted to new circumstances around and inside the IWF functioning.

“This Plan will constitute an important working frame for the IWF and its stakeholders and needs therefore to be a consensual document, in which each member of the weightlifting community can easily identify the priorities and necessary actions in his/her respective field. Ideally, it should also be a useful tool to evaluate the means and resources to achieve such goals and objectives. Finally, it has to be ambitious enough to drive the IWF to a central place in the Olympic Movement, a place it rightfully deserves for the sake of all those that devoted their lives to this Sport – our Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Administrators, at all levels,” jointly write the IWF President Mohammed Jalood and the IWF Secretary General Antonio Urso in their message to the National Member Federations.