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Olympic rankings updated after Armenia

After the completion of the third Qualifying Event for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the Olympic Qualification Ranking is updated on the IWF website. Following the IWF World Championships in Bogota (COL) last December, the Pan-American Championships at the end of March in Bariloche (ARG), and the recent European Championships in Yerevan (ARM), the provisional list of the best lifters for the Olympic rendezvous is available here

These rankings may however change soon, as the Asian Championships will unfold in Jinju (KOR) from May 3-13 and the African continental showcase will take place in Tunis (TUN) on May 11-20.

Moreover, the next IWF event qualifying for the Paris rendezvous is scheduled for June 8-18, when La Havana, the Cuban capital, will stage the first (out of two) Grand Prix in 2023.

According to the Olympic qualification rules, the highest ranked 10 lifters in each body category (10 for men and 10 for women) are eligible to take part in the 2024 Olympic Games. Besides these 100 competitors, continental qualification will select 10 athletes (five men/five women), the host nation is entitled to four athletes (two per gender), and six (3/3) other lifters will enter through Universality Places for a total of 120 weightlifters at the Games.

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