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Bariloche, Day 5: US men control operations in Argentina

Athletes from the United States won two out of three events at stake in the fifth day of the Pan-American Championships, currently being held in Bariloche (ARG). In the men’s field, Nathan Damron was the best in the 96kg category (with a total of 340kg), while his teammate Ryan Sester is also continental champion in the 102kg (372kg). Among women, the victory of the day went to Neisi Dajomes Barrera (ECU) in the 81kg, with a total of 256kg.

Damron was first in the snatch (150kg), but had to content with silver in the clean and jerk (190kg), behind Jose Lopez Carrizo, from Mexico, also with 190kg. His teammate Jonathan Ramos Chaires was the overall silver medallist (337kg), after third-best performances in the snatch (147kg) and C&J (190kg). Finally, the remaining two medals in the event went to Wilmer Contreras Chamorro (ECU), second in snatch (148kg) and winner of the bronze in the total count (334kg).

In the heavier men’s category, Sester was also first in the C&J (207kg), but was slightly worse (165kg) than Marco Gregorio Machado (BRA, 166kg) in the snatch. Machado was second both in C&J (194kg) and total (360kg). The bronze medals went to Luis Lamenza Lopez (PUR) in snatch (161kg) and total (348kg), and to Jhohan Sanguino Matamoros (VEN) in the C&J (189kg).

Concerning Barrera, her overall title was the result of the best lift in the snatch (115kg) and the second best in the C&J (141kg), behind her teammate Tamara Salazar Arce (143kg). Ayamey Medina Roca (CUB) was also one of the protagonists in this event, with silver in snatch (113kg) and total (254kg), and a bronze in C&J (141kg). Arce was third in the snatch (110kg) and total (253kg).  

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