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IWF/ITA Seminar: A step further in anti-doping education

In a packed room, the IWF, in co-operation with the International Testing Agency (ITA), organised this morning an Anti-Doping Education Seminar, at the start of the third day of competition at the IWF World Youth Championships in Durres (ALB). ITA Ambassador Toby Atkins was in charge of briefing the participants (athletes and coaches taking place in the event) about the anti-doping procedures, namely the whereabouts, the list of prohibited substances, and the global rights and responsibilities related to this topic. Among the attendees was Violeta Shqevi, Head of the Anti-Doping Education department at the Albanian NADO (National Anti-Doping Organisation).


“I am glad to see so much interest in this conference. It shows that you are all keen to have additional information on this complex issue. Education is the major priority in the field of anti-doping fight, as you all need to understand that doping is equal to cheating. It’s as simple as that,” Atkins considered. A former cyclist, the British ambassador was a whistleblower in his sport and is now determined in making sure that the situations he went through in his career do not happen again.

“A doping violation is not only caused by the ingestion of prohibited substances. There is a wide range of scenarios that can lead to an adverse doping violation. You must be aware of those situations and remain extremely vigilant throughout your training and competition routines,” explained Atkins to a very attentive audience.


In conjunction with this Seminar, the IWF/ITA has installed an information booth at the reception level of the hotel where the delegations taking part in these Championships are accommodated. “Everyone has questions on these issues. It’s normal, so don’t hesitate to find us during these next days and ask whatever you want to clarify on anti-doping procedures,” the ITA representative appealed.

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