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The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has today revealed the ten (10) athletes elected to serve as members of the IWF Athletes’ Commission until the 2024 Electoral Congress held after the Olympic Games in 2024.
The successful candidates, who include five (5) men and five (5) women representing all five (5) continents, are:

  • Maude CHARRON (CAN)
  • Hidilyn DIAZ (PHI)
  • Fares Ibrahim ELBAKH (QAT)
  • David LITI (NZL)
  • Forrester OSEI (GHA)
  • Luisa PETERS (COK)
  • Marie Hanitra Roilya RANAIVOSOA (MRI)
  • Yasmin Zammit STEVENS (MLT)
  • Cyrille TCHATCHET II (GBR)
  • Keydomar Giovanni VALLENILLA SANCHEZ (VEN)

This is the first time elections have been held for the IWF Athletes’ Commission, reflecting the federation’s commitment to ensure a strong athlete voice is represented across all decision-making.

The Election took place between December 5 and 16, alongside the 2022 IWF World Championships in Bogotá, Colombia. During the Athletes’ Commission Election, the Sports Desk of Ernst & Young Ltd., Switzerland, acted as Electoral Manager and conducted – under the supervision and scrutiny of the Electoral Commission – the election proceedings regarding the Athletes’ Commission Election.

Each competing athlete was eligible to cast their vote, choosing from a list of eighteen (18) candidates approved by the IWF’s independent Eligibility Determination Panel.

Following the elections, the IWF will set new standards for athlete representation by having three athletes on the IWF Executive Board and also having three athletes as full voting members of the IWF Congress.
IWF President Mohammed Jalood said:
“I would like to congratulate and express our thanks, both to the athletes elected and all those who put themselves forward in this process. It has been encouraging to see such strong engagement and commitment to shaping a new future for weightlifting from our athlete community. The IWF is proud to be setting a new standard for athlete representation in governance. As we look ahead, we see these elections as a crucial milestone in our journey of reform and towards ensuring a positive, sustainable and athlete-centred future for our sport.”