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IWF statement: 2022 IWF Electoral Election for Secretary General Treasurer

Upon the completion of the 2022 IWF Electoral Congress it has been discovered that in one election the simple majority percentage was miscalculated by the Independent Electoral Commission for the position of Secretary General Treasurer.  Following a query made by Mr Jose Quinones,  to the Electoral Commission on the published result totals for the Secretary General Treasurer, it was deemed that a premature announcement of a winner was announced.
As indicated in the IWF Constitution, article 4, reference C, 15.b and 15.c with regards to the election of the Secretary General Treasurer, the winner is required to achieve 50% polled votes plus 1 vote, a simple majority.   In the calculation of the final decision, it was found that the Electoral Commission inadvertently and by human error miscalculated the percentage required for an outright win. 
For complete transparency and to ensure the IWF Constitution is followed it has been determined by the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Manager to hold the second round of vote (online) between the top two candidates to determine the winner of the above mentioned position.  As stipulated in the IWF Constitution, all formalities must be completed within 14 days of the Electoral Congress. Therefore, this second round of voting will take place online on Thursday 30 June 2022. The vote for this second round will only be available to the eligible member federations who were present (in person and online) on the date of the 2022 IWF Electoral Congress.   
The Electoral Commission unreservedly apologises to the IWF and the two candidates affected by the mistake in the calculations of determining the simple majority for the voting figures.