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IWF Welcomes ASOIF’s Fourth Review on IF Governance

June 21, 2022 – Lausanne, Switzerland

Today the Association of Olympic International Sports Federations (ASOIF) released its audit for all summer Olympic International Federations. In accordance with the release, the International Weightlifting Federation is proud to announce that it has increased its score to secure a strong place in Group B. Group B, sits in the middle of the five-group system (A1, A2, B, AT and C) determined by the ASOIF Governance Task Force (GTF).

Following a self-assessment questionnaire and independent evaluation conducted by ASOIF and independent experts, the IWF achieved four (4) Top 10 results in the assessed indicators.  This marks a significant improvement for the organisation and demonstrates the dedication of the leadership to foster transparency, modernisation, and accountability on all fronts within the organisation.

The questionnaire consisted of 50 measurable indicators covering the following items: Transparency, Integrity, Democracy, Development and Control Mechanisms. Among the areas of great improvement for the IWF have been the sections on Transparency, democracy, and integrity.

Welcoming the report findings, Dr. Michael Irani, IWF Interim President, said:

“We would like to thank the ASOIF Governance Taskforce and independent experts for their work. The findings in the Fourth Review of International Federation Governance by ASOIF marks a significant progress for our sport and our organization. The IWF has worked hard and has committed itself to implementing new safeguards within our organization, from our new constitution to new transparent processes in the lead up to our elections this weekend, the findings are a clear demonstration of the results of our hard work. We are paving a new way forward for the IWF and the future is bright!”