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IWF Welcomes Decision from CAS

The IWF has taken note and welcomes this decision put forth today by the Court for Arbitration of Sport (CAS) regarding two individuals, former International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) leaders, both of whom have now been suspended from the sport for life.

In recent years, the IWF has invested a significant amount of time and resources to eradicate doping from the sport. Working together with the International Testing Agency (ITA), the IWF has outsourced all anti-doping activities including testing and education to these experts to run.

IWF Interim President Michael Irani commented, “We welcome the decision by CAS which closes a chapter in IWF history. The IWF has learnt a lot and continues to move forward in governance reforms and clean sport in order to avoid anything like this from happening again in the future. With this behind us we can fully focus on the completion of tasks which were given to us by our Olympic partners concluding with the upcoming election end of this month.” 

The CAS decision can be read here.