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Youth World Record for Kazakhstan – Day 4 at the 2022 IWF Youth World Championships

The fourth day at the 2022 IWF Youth World Championships featured the Men 73kg, the Women 59kg and the Men 81kg categories.

Right away in the first medal event of the day the crowd could experience the first Youth World Record of the 2022 IWF Youth World Championships.

Men 73kg Category

In Snatch the competition was on between Yedige YEMBERDI (KAZ) and Diyorbek ERMATOV (UZB). Ermatov made two successful lifts (128-133kg) on his first attempts while Yemberdi missed his first lift of 130kg and only on his second try could manage it. Yemberdi came out for his last attempt with 134kg on the bar which at the end was a good lift for him. Everything depended on whether Ermatov could lift his last attempt of 135kg, which at the end he couldn’t, therefore Yemberdi placed first and Ermatov second. Brayan IBANEZ GUERRERO (CAN) completed the Snatch podium with 132kg.

In Clean&Jerk, Ermatov finished thrid with three successful attempts (151-154-157kg). Yasar KACARA (TUR) took Silver with 158kg which he lifted on his second lift. Yemberdi just like in Snatch couldn’t lift his first attempt, however on his second try he lifted 165kg. On his last attempt he jumped to 172kg which meant if it is a good lift he will break the current World Standard of 171kg. He showed no hesitation on his last attempt and broke the Youth World Record which was also the first new World Record of the Championships.

In Total Yemberdi won it all with 306kg, Ermatov finished at second place with 290kg and Ibanez collected his second Bronze medal with 288kg.

Men 73kg Total Podium @IWF/Isaac Morillas

Women 59kg Category

In the Snatch portion of the category the competition was really close between the first 4 places. At the end Medina AMANOVA from Tukrmenistan became Bronze medallist with 83kg, Dubaney SINISTERRA ANGULO from Colombia finished at 2nd place as she lifted the same weight first. Jessica Isabel PALACIOS DAJOMES from Ecuador on her last attempt lifted 84kg therefore by 1 kg won the Gold. Charlotte SIMONEAU also tried to lift 84kg on her last attempt but it was a no lift therefore missed a podium finish.

The suprise of the category was Barbara Lizbeth CARVAJAL NARVAEZ from Mexico who from Group B won the Bronze medal with 100kg. The difference between the Gold and Silver medal was once again 1kg. Hanin Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed ELSAYED from Egypt lifted 103kg on her last attempt and became Silver medallist, while Sinisterra finished first with 104kg.

In Total Sinisterra added another Gold medal to her collection with 187kg, Elsayed took Silver with 185kg and Palacios completed the podium with 183kg.

Women 59kg Total Podium @IWF/Isaac Morillas

Men 81kg Category

In Snatch Ihann Enriqueu BARRERAS CARMONA (MEX) infront of home crowd won his first Bronze medal after he lifted 119kg on his last attempt. Iacopo FALSINOTTI (ITA) won Silver medal with 132kg, while with a huge difference, Denis POLUBOYARINOV (KAZ) finished at 1st place with 143kg.

In the C&J portion of the category, the same podium followed as in Snatch. Barreras placed third with 161kg, Falsinotti took Silver with the same weight, just he lifted it first. The clear winner of the category Poluboyarinov went 3-from-3 with 170-175-180kg and added another Gold medal to his collection.

The last Total podium was as follows: Poluboyarinov won Gold once again with 323kg, Falsinotti collected his third Silver medal with 293kg, while Barreras clinched Bronze with 280kg.

Men 81kg Total Podium @IWF/Isaac Morillas

Tomorrow the action continues with the Women 64kg, the Men 89kg and the Women 71kg categories. Follow the action live on the IWF YouTube Channel.