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Day 2 – 2022 IWF Youth World Championships

The second day of the 2022 IWF Youth World Championships featured the Men 55kg (Group B and A), the Women 45kg and Men 61kg categories.

Men 55kg category

The first session of the day featured the Men 55kg category, starting with Group B and then Group A.

In the Snatch portion of the todays first session, between athletes in the first (Majeed M KALITIT ALI from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and the second place (Gurunaidu SANAPATHI from India) there was only 1 kg difference in all the attempts. They both went 3-from-3, but as KALITIT successfully lifted his last attempt of 105kg, he won the Gold medal, while Sanapathi the Silver one. The last medal of the Snatch went to Yerassyl UMAROV from Kazakhstan with his second attempt of 100 kg.

In C&J, the Bronze medal was won by Umarov just like in Snatch, with 124kg. The Silver medal this time went to Perhat BAGTYYAROV from Turkmenistan with 125kg, who only placed 6th in Snatch. Finally, Snatch Silver medallist Sanapathi won Gold with his second attempt of 126kg. He also tried 130kg on his last attempt, but it was a no lift.

In Total, Sanapathi took the Gold once again with 230kg, second place went to Kalitit with 229kg and Umarov finished third with 224kg.

Men 55kg Total Podium @IWF/Isaac Morillas

Women 45kg category

The Women 45kg category saw 12 athletes competing for the medals. Among the athletes was Rose RAMOS (PHI) last years World Champion of this category.

In Snatch, Rosailiz SANTANA (DOM) finished third with 68kg which she lifted on her third attempt. Rose RAMOS (PHI) even though lifted 3 kg more than at last years Youth World Championships with 70kg, it was only enough for second place, as Kerlys Maria MONTILLA MADRID (VEN) outdid her performance with 1 kg and won Gold.

In C&J, Montilla after a first successful attempt (82kg) failed to make another one therefore she only clinched the Bronze medal. Silver medal was won by Soumya Sunil DALVI (IND) with 3 successful lifts, the last one being 83kg. With Montilla not managing her last attempts, Ramos had the chance to win in C&J, which she accomplished with her last attempt of 85kg.

The Total podium was as follows: Ramos just like last year in Jeddah won the World Champion title with 155kg, Montilla took Silver with 153kg and Dalvi finished third with 148kg.

Women 45kg Total Podium @IWF/Isaac Morillas

Men 61kg category

The final session of the day featured the Men 61kg category which started at 18:00 local time.

In the final Snatch session of the day, Luis Alfonso BLANDON PENA from Colombia went 3-from-3 and with 112kg placed third. Two athletes went for the same weight of 113kg and based on starting weights it looked like Hubert PIETRZAK from Poland will make it to the podium, however after missing 113kg on his second and last attempts he missed the podium. With Pietrzak missing his attempts, the opportunity was given to Bassam A AL MARZOUQ MOHAMMED from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reach a podium finish which he managed on his last attempt and won Silver. The strongest of the group was Engin KARA who on his second attempt of 114kg already won the Snatch Gold. He also tried 117kg on his last attempt but it was a no lift at the end.

In Clean&Jerk just like in Snatch, Blandon Pena won Bronze with 136kg, while Kara after a Snatch Gold, won a Silver medal in C&J with the same weight as Blandon as he lifted it first. The final C&J Gold medal of the day was won by Kara’s teammate Mustafa ELIS with his first attempt of 138kg.

The Total medals were awarded as follows: Blandon Pena collected his third Bronze medal of the day with 248kg, Elis after his C&J Gold added a Silver medal to his collection with 249kg, and Kara became the Total World Champion with 150kg.

Men 61kg Total Podium @IWF/Isaac Morillas

Tomorrow the weightlifting program continues with the Women 49kg, the Men 67kg and the Women 55kg categories. Follow the competition live on the IWF YouTube Channel.