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Olympic Solidarity Course in Cyprus

The Weightlifting Federation of Cyprus organized a Coaching Course in Cyprus, in March 2022 which was supported by the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity program and IWF.
The seminars were conducted on 3 weekends in March and due to some travel restrictions still in place, the theoretical parts were arranged via Zoom webinar.

For the final weekend all 3 experts, Ms. Denise Offermann from Cyprus, Mr. Georgios Saroglakis and Mr. Dimitris Ioannidis from Greece traveled to Cyprus to have 3 full days of practical sessions.
Alltogether 19 participants took part and listened to various presentations among others on:

  • Theory of the Coaching Pathway,
  • Coaching Skill development,
  • Competition Preparation and End Phase Theory,
  • Code of Ethics and Fair Play and The Winning Attitude – athlete’s mind set.

The course was a major step in the development of the Weightlifting Federation of Cyprus in all regions and therefore a great success.
The Weightlifting Federation of Cyprus appreciated the support of IWF, Olympic Solidarity and Cyprus Olympic Committee in organizing this course.