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IWF Athlete Commission Appoints New Chair and Vice Chair

The International Weightlifting Federation Athlete’s Commission met to discuss a variety of matters including among others the recent resignation of its chair Sarah Davies.

Due to this decision, the IWF Athlete’s Commission has now officially appointed Forrester Osei of Ghana as the new chair and elected of Hiromi Miyake of Japan as vice-chair. Miyake is a two-time Olympic medallist, winning a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics and bronze at the 2016 Olympics. She will now join Osei on the IWF Executive Board as IWF athlete representatives.

IWF interim President Michael Irani commented “The IWF Executive Board would like to congratulate the new Chair and vice Chair of the Athletes Commission. The athlete perspective is a very important part of the development of our sport, it is imperative that the voice of our athletes is heard in leadership discussions and in our Executive Board, that’s why we are looking forward to continuing our strong partnership with the new chair Forrester Osei and also welcome Ms. Miyake to the board.”

The IWF is a worldwide organisation focused on promoting weightlifting at the grassroots all the way up to elite level. As an inclusive sport, weightlifting promotes diversity and equality and against any kind of discrimination.   

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