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The ITA reports that it has asserted ADRVs against the following Russian weightlifters under Article 2.2 (Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method) of the IWF Anti-Doping Rules (IWF ADR) –

  • Aleksandr Ivanov
  • Dmitry Klokov
  • Svetlana Tzarukaeva
  • Natalya Zabolotnaya
  • Olga Zubova
  • Apti Aukhadov

The assertions are based on investigations conducted by WADA’s Intelligence and Investigation Department (WADA I&I) and by Professor Richard McLaren into allegations of systemic doping practices in Russian sport as well as Moscow Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) data retrieved by WADA I&I over time. The evidence was provided by WADA I&I to the ITA in 2021 for further assessment. In particular, these investigations uncovered LIMS data indicative of the presence of banned substances in samples provided by the athletes in 2012 and 2013.

The athletes have been informed of the cases and have been provisionally suspended until the resolution of the matter. Pursuant to the IWF’s delegation of its anti-doping program to the ITA, the prosecution of the cases is being handled entirely by the ITA. Given that the cases are underway, there will be no further comments during the ongoing proceeding.