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2022 IWF Electoral Congress – Candidature Documents

Dear Candidates,

As you may have been aware, on 19 December 2021 IWF Executive Board approved the new dates of the 2022 IWF Electoral Congress as 25-26 June 2022, along with further constitutional amendments which have been approved on 30 January 2022 at the IWF Special Congress to ensure full compliance with the IWF Constitution.

For this reason now we are inviting all candidates to submit their nomination forms and all related documents until 5:00 PM CET in Lausanne, Switzerland on 27 March 2022.

Please note that in line with the IWF Constitution, candidates are required to submit their candidature forms together with all supporting documents (including the other documents which can be downloaded from here see below as well and further documents to be provided by the candidates) via e-mail to until 5:00 PM CET in Lausanne, Switzerland on 27 March 2022.

The Eligibility Determination Panel (EDP) will thereafter review all duly and timely submitted applications. The EDP will issue its determinations on the eligibility of the Candidates as per Schedule 11 of the IWF Constitution.

The documents to be submitted to the IWF are without limitation the following:

  1. IWF Candidature Form specifying which positions the candidate is submitting his/her candidature for;
  2. A properly filled out and signed Declaration form;
  3. Signed Consent and Waiver form.

Explanation to the documents to be provided in support of the Declaration form

The documents provided by the Candidates as set forth in the Declaration form shall evidence that the candidates meets the criteria in connection with which they are provided. A single document may be able to evidence that more than one criteria is being met. Please specify which document is being submitted to evidence which criterion or set of criteria. (eg.: Criminal Records are evidence in respect of the criteria set forth under e & f in the Declaration Form)

Please note that negative inference can be drawn from the failure of a candidate to provide relevant documents.

Examples of documents to be provided:

  • Not bankrupt.
    • Bankruptcy / Insolvency or debt enforcement records from country/ies of residence within the last five years
  • Not a mentally incapacitated person.
    • Letter from a medical or other relevant professional attesting to capacity
  • Not been convicted of an offence punishable by 4 years of imprisonment or greater.
    • Criminal, Police, or Tribunal Record from country/ies of residence within the last five years
  • Not been charged/convicted of any offence relating to a child/minor.
    • Criminal, Police or Tribunal Record from country/ies of residence within the last five years
  • Not been disqualified or banned from being a director of a corporation within last 5 years.
    • Search result / record from Corporations Register from country/ies of residence within the last five years

In case the Candidate is unable to submit a particular document, the reasons therefore shall be explained and  the EDP shall duly consider these reasons during its eligibility determination procedure. It is the responsibility of the Candidates to establish to the EDP’s satisfaction that they fulfill the eligibility criteria and that they have provided all available or reasonably obtainable elements of evidence. Negative inference can be drawn from the failure to provide relevant evidence.

Please note that date of the original documents submitted shall not be older than 21st June 2021. Provided they fulfill that condition, documents submitted in support of a previous submission may be used. In that case, it must be submitted in copy, with the indication of the submission and the date thereof in connection with which it was filed in original. The copy must further be signed and dated (date of copy).

Independent Verification

The EDP can conduct its own independent verification in respect of any criteria.

You are required to cooperate with the Panel and in particular to respond proactively to the EDP or an independent investigator appointed by the EDP. Please note that negative inference can be drawn from the failure to cooperate.

The EDP will specifically be independently verifying eligibility criteria including without limitation the  following:

  • Not being an employee of the IWF;
  • Not currently serving any period of ineligibility longer than 12 months;
  • No anti-doping rule violation found proven in the last 25 years.

Accordingly, you are not required to submit evidence in relation to the above three criteria.

Certification /translation

The evidence submitted must either be an original document (scanned) or certified as a true copy  of the original.

Documents must be provided in their original language accompanied by a proper English translation. The Commission reserves the right to request certified translations in circumstances in which the Commission determines adequate.

Information/clarification request

In case you have further questions related to the procedure or the required documents please contact the IWF Secretariat via e-mail at

Such requests shall be made by e-mail as soon as possible and at the latest on 17 March 2022 17:00 PM CET.