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IWF Constitution Translated Into Additional Languages As Governance Reform Continues

The IWF Constitution, independently-drafted and then approved by Member Federations in August 2021, has been translated to ArabicFrenchRussian and Spanish as part of the IWF’s ongoing governance reform efforts.
The implementation of the provisions of the new Constitution is well underway and the IWF will hold a Special Congress on 30 January, where the members of the independent Ethics and Disciplinary Commission, responsible for determining eligibility of candidates ahead of the IWF Electoral Congress on 25-26 June 2022, will be elected.
“This marks another important step in the IWF’s governance reform ahead of our Special Congress at the end of this month, “ said IWF Interim President Dr Michael Irani. “The translation of the Constitution into four additional languages ensures that the vast majority of federations have the opportunity to access the document in their native language. Our focus is now firmly on the Congress at the end of this month and ensuring we remain on the right path, in line with the requirements set out by the IOC.”
The new Constitution is seeking to establish vital principles including athlete representation, gender equality and independent oversight.  A minimum of three athlete representatives will serve on the reformed IWF Executive Board, and women will fill at least 30% of elected positions. Ethics and discipline matters will be handled independently of the IWF Executive Board, building on interim arrangements that had already been put in place in recent months.
In addition to this, the robust eligibility criteria and term limits outlined in the Constitution will ensure that the future IWF Executive Board benefits from a regular influx of new talents and will notably deprive National Federations with a high number of doping cases will not have access to board-level representation.