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Day 4 – 2021 IWF World Championships and Commonwealth Championships

The fourth day of the competition featured the Men 67kg and Men 73kg categories.

Men 67kg Category

In the Men 67kg among the lifters we had the current Junior World Record holder , the Youth World Record holder and also Tokyo 2020 Olympians.

In the Snatch portion of the program, based on the starting weights Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano (COL) had the biggest chance of winning Gold however he surprisingly bombed out. As the Colombian could not manage a good lift in Snatch, 3 athletes were fighting for first place and the medals. One of them was Talha Talib (PAK) who was placed 5th at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this summer. He started at 143kg however after the first successful lift he could not manage another one therefore he won Bronze at the end. The Uzbek Doston Yokubov started with the promising 140kg and after went to 143kg but was unsuccessful and then on the third attempt with a good lift of 144kg won the Silver medal. Zulfat Garaev (RWF) started at 142kg then lifted 146kg in his second attempt but failed his last attempt of 148kg. However, 146kg was enough for winning Gold in the category.

In Clean&Jerk, the Snatch Bronze medalist Talib bombed out, and the Colombian Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano retired from the competition before his first lift. In front of the home crowd the two Uzbek athletes, Doston Yokubov and Adkhamjon Ergashev provided us with a great show. Ergashev started at 168kg and then lifted 174kg on his second attempt. As he failed his last attempt he won the Bronze in C&J. The other two medals were decided between the two strongest in the field Doston Yokubov and the Colombian Francisco Antonio Mosquera Valencia. Yokubov achieved 3 from 3 with 172kg-176kg-180kg. The first place was relying on whether Mosquera could manage his last attempt of 181kg. The local crowd was anxiously waiting for the last lift of the session. Mosquera could have won his first World Champion title but failed to do so as he could not manage 181kg. With that Mosquera won Silver and Yokubov the Gold.

In Total Doston Yokubov (UZB) won Gold with 324kg, Silver went to Francisco Antonio Mosquera Valencia (COL) with 316kg and Zulfat Garaev (RWF) finished the podium with 315kg.

Men 67kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Commonwealth Championships – Men 67kg

In the Men 67kg category Lalrinnunga Jeremy (IND), the current Youth World Record holder won the Gold medal of the Commonwealth Championships and furthermore the qualifying spot for the 2022 Commonwealth Games with a 305kg Total, after Talib Talha (PAK) bombed out in C&J in Group A. Second place went to Joseph Umoafia Edidiong (NGR) with 295kg in Total and third place went to Upasakalage Manoj Maduwantha Wije Appuwa (SRI) with the Total of 254kg.

Commonwealth Championships Men 67kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Men 73kg Category

The last session of the day featured the Men 73kg category.

In Snatch, the medals were decided between Sergei Petrov (RWF), Suttipong Jeeram (THA) and Briken Calja (ALB) who placed 4th at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Petrov went 3 from 3 (144kg-149kg-153kg) and won Bronze. Jeeram and Calja were fighting for the first place as both lifted 154kg on their second attempt and went for the same weight on their third. Suttipong started first but was unsuccessful with 156kg so everyone was waiting whether Calja could manage the lift. Finally Calja showed consistency and achieved 3 from 3 and won the Gold medal. 

In Clean&Jerk the medals were decided between Hansol Jeong (KOR), Briken Calja (ALB) and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (INA) who was the Bronze medalist of this years Olympic Games. Jeong after the first successful lift of  181kg failed both his second and third attempt therefore won the Bronze medal in C&J. The fight between Cajla and Abdullah got really exciting when both of them lifted 186kg on their second attempt so everything came down to their last ones. In order, Calja came first and tried to finish his competition with 190kg but it was a no lift. This also meant that Abdullah already won the Gold medal in C&J before his last attempt. In order to also won the Total Gold medal, Abdullah focused on his last attempt of 192kg which he impressively managed.

In Total Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (INA) won Gold with 343kg, Silver went to Briken Calja(ALB) with 342kg and Suttipong Jeeram (THA) finished in third place with 334kg in Total.

Men 73kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Commonwealth Championships

In the Commonwealth Championships, Achinta Sheuli from India won the Gold in Total and therefore qualified for next year’s Commonwealth Games. Silver was won by Erry Hidayat Muhammad from Malaysia, and Mudiyanselage Indika Chathur Dissanayake from Sri Lanka won the Bronze.

Commonwealth Championships Men 73kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Tomorrow the program will continue as follows (local time):

  • W 59 kg C– 10:30
  • M 81 kg C– 13:00
  • W 59kg B – 16:00
  • W 59kg A – 19:00

Follow the competition again tomorrow on the IWF Facebook page or check with your local broadcaster.