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Day 3 – 2021 IWF World Championships and Commonwealth Championships

On the third day the action continued with the Men 61kg, Men 67kg (Group C) and the Women 55kg categories.

The day started with the combined session of M61kg B and M67kg C session which was followed by the Women 55kg Group B. At 16:00 local it was time for the Group A’s of the day.

Women 55kg Group A

In the Women 55kg Group A, altogether 11 athletes competed for the medals of the World Championships and one of them Adijat Adenike OLARINOYE from Nigeria was also going for first place of the Commonwealth Championships as well as for winning the qualifying spot for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

In Snatch the starting weights were almost levelled between the athletes and also throughout the whole Snatch session. Adijat Adenike Olarinoye (NGR) and Svitlana Samuliak (UKR) both started at 88kg, then increased to 90kg which only the Ukrainian could manage on her second attempt. Svitolina then went for 91kg which she managed while Olarinoye lifted 90kg on her last attempt. At the end Samuliak won the Silver and Olarinoye the Bronze. Ghofrane Bellkhir, this year’s Junior World Champion showed consistency, lifted 90kg on her first, and 92kg on her second attempt. Since she already won the Snatch Gold with her second lift, she declined her last attempt.

In Clean&Jerk there was a big surprise when Bindyarani Devi Sorokhaibam (IND) from Group B won the Gold with 114kg. The Silver was won by Eunji Ham (KOR) with also 114kg who now lifted 2 kgs less then at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this summer. Bronze went to Adijat Adenike Olarinoye (NGR) with her second attempt of 113kg.

In Total the podium was the following: Ghofrane Belkhir (TUN) won Gold with 203kg, Silver went to Adijat Adenike Olarinoye (NGR) with the same Total as Belkhir, while Svitlana Samuliak won Bronze with 201kg.


Women 55kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Commonwealth Championships – Women 55kg

In the Women 55kg category Adijat Adenike Olarinoye (NGR) not only won 3 World Championships medals but also won the Commonwealth Championships and therefore qualified for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Second place went to Bindyarani Devi Sorokhaibam (IND) with 198kg in Total and third place went to Tenishia Thornton (MLT) with the Total of 162kg.

Commonwealth Championships Women 55kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Men 61kg Group A

At 19:00 Tashkent time, the action continued with the M 61kg Group A. In Snatch, those 3 athletes won the medals who based on their starting weigthts were considered to have the best chance to do so. Shota Mishvelidze (GEO) started his lifts at 126kg which he missed at his first attempt but could manage on his second. Next came Rok SHIN (KOR) with 127kg and Seyitjan Mirzayev (TKM) with 128kg which he managed on his second attempt. As the Turkmen could not manage his last attempt he won the Bronze with 128kg. Shin increased his weight to 130 then came the Georgian with 131kg on his last attempt. The first place was depending on whether Shin could manage his last attempt of 132kg. With a great lift he went 3 from 3 and therefore won the Gold medal while the Silver went to Mishvelidze with 131kg.

In Clean&Jerk, the Bronze went to Seraj Abdulrahim M Al Saleem (KSA) with his second attempt of 155kg, while Shota Mishvelidze (GEO) who lifted the same weight became the second in the category. Gold was won by the still the Junior Athlete, Rok Shin (KOR) with the second lift of 156kg.

Rok Shin who showed an impressive performance during tonights session, tried to beat the Junior World Record of C&J and Total with his last attempt of 164kg but failed to do so.

In Total Shin won the Gold with 288kg, Silver was won by Shota Mishvelidze (GEO) with the Total of 286kg and Seraj Abdulrahim M Al Saleem finished the podium with 282kg.

Commonwealth Championships Men 61kg 

In the Men 61kg category the Gold went to Aznil Bin Bidin Muhamad (MAS) with the Total of 273kg and therefore directly qualified for next year’s Commonwealth Games. Gururaja (IND) won Silver with 265kg and Arachchilage Chathurange Lak Jayasooriya (SRI) finished the podium with the Total of 258kg.