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Golden Day for Thailand – Day 2 at the 2021 IWF World Championships and Commonwealth Championships

On the second day here is Tashkent the program continued with the Women 45kg and 49kg categories.

In the combined B session (W45kg and W49kg) Najla Khoirunissa (INA) lifted the highest Total with 144kg while the only athlete competing at both the World Championships and the Commonwealth Championships, Mudiyanselage Srimali Samarak Divisekara from Sri Lanka lifted 136kg in Total and with that directly qualified for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.


Mudiyanselage Srimali Samarak DIVISEKARA (SRI) @IWF/Steve Galvan

Women 45kg Group A

At 16:00 local time the weightlifting platform gave floor to the W 49kg Group A where 9 athletes competed. In Snatch there was a big fight between 3 athletes, Thanyathon Sukcharoen (THA), Saziye Erdogan (TUR), the 2019 World Champion in this category and Manuela Andrea Berrio Zuluaga (COL). Both Sukcharoen and Berrio Zuluaga started at 75kg and both of their first attempts were successful while Erdogan had also a first good lift with 74kg. All of them missed their second attempt and the Colombian also couldn’t make a third good lift so she won the Bronze medal in the category. On their third attempt neither Sukcharoen nor Erdogan changed from the weight of their second attempt and both were successful on their third lift. Sukcharoen won the Gold with 77kg and Erdogan took the Silver with 76kg.

In Clean&Jerk the same athletes won the medals but in different order. The Turkish and Thai athletes both started at 93kg and they were successful in their attempts while the Colombian Berrio Zuluaga made a 95kg first good lift. After their first attempts many no lifts followed. Neither Berrio Zuluaga nor Erdogan could manage a good lift after their first lifts, and Sukcharoen could only level Berrio Zuluaga’s first lift of 95kg. At the end Manuela Andrea Berrio Zuluaga won the Gold with her first attempt, Thanyathon took the Silver with also 95kg and Saziye Erdogan won the Bronze medal.

In Total, the podium was the following: Thanyathon Sukcharoen won Gold with 172kg, Manuela Andrea Berrio Zuluaga took the Silver with 170kg while Saziye Erdogan finished the podium with 169kg and won the Bronze medal.

Women 45kg Podium @ IWF/Steve Galvan

Women 49kg Group A

At 19:00 Tashkent time, the action continued with the W 49kg Group A. In Snatch, the Thai athlete, Surudchana Khambao dominated the field as she only stared her lifts when the others already finished. She went 3 of 3 with 82, 84 and 86kg and won the Gold medal. In the case of the other 2 medals there was a bigger uncertainty. Rira Suzuki (JPN) started at 78kg and managed a good lift however her second and third attempt were unsuccessful. The Turkmen Yulduz Dzumabayeva, the 2018 World Champion in 45kg, started lower than Suzuki by 2 kg which she managed to lift only on her second attempt. Dzumabayeva tried 79kg on her third lift but was unsuccessful in her last attempt. Therefore, Suzuki won the Silver in Snatch while Dzumabayeva took Bronze.

In Clean&Jerk, Dzumabayeva from Turkmenistan had great chances based on her starting weight but sadly bombed out so one medal spot was up for grabs in the category. The two athlete from Japan, Rira Suzuki and Ibuki Takahashi both started at the same weight – 101kg – which they both lifted on their second attempts but as Takahashi did it first and none of them managed a good lift on their third attempt, she won the Silver and the Snatch Silver medalist Suzuki won the Bronze. Gold once again went to Khambao from Thailand who won with her second successful attempt of 105kg. 

In Total, the Gold went to Surodchana Khambao (THA) with 191 kg, Silver was won by Rira Suzuki (JPN) with 179kg and Ibuki Takahashi (JPN) won the Bronze with 172 kg.

Women 49 kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Commonwealth Championships

In the Commonwealth Championships, Stella Peter Kingsley from Nigeria won the Gold in Total and therefore qualified for next year’s Commonwealth Championships. Silver was won by Jhili Dalabehera from India, and Winnifred Ntumi from Ghana won the Bronze.

Commonwealth Championships Women 49kg Podium @IWF/Steve Galvan

Tomorrow the program will continue as follows (local time):

  • M 61kg B, M 67kg C – 10:30
  • W 55kg B – 13:00
  • W 55kg A – 16:00
  • M 61kg A – 19:00

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