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IWF Electoral Congress

We trust this letter finds you in good health and offer our continued gratitude for your support of weightlifting.
With this letter, we would like to give you further practical information to ensure the successful organization of the IWF Electoral Congress to be held between 2021 December 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
The 2021 IWF Electoral Congress shall be held in person. Therefore, Member Federations are expected to send their delegations to Tashkent. We hereby remind you that the IWF will cover flight tickets for only one (1) delegate on the condition that the flight is booked by IWF. After your registration is complete on the e-entry platform, the IWF will provide you with your flight tickets. For those Member Federations with representatives already in Tashkent for the IWF World Weightlifting Championships, the IWF will not cover a flight ticket that would enable return journeys to be made to the country of origin for delegations during the short period between the IWF World Weightlifting Championships and the Electoral Congress.
Please note that the IWF will only cover three (3) nights for one (1) delegate in the official Hotels of the Electoral Congress which will be: International Hotel Tashkent and Radisson Blu Hotel.
Second delegate – Accompanying Guests
Please note for Second Delegates or Accompanying Guests‘ flight tickets and accommodation will not be covered by the IWF and shall be covered by attendees themselves.
Accommodation rates are the following at the International Hotel Tashkent and Radisson Blu Hotel:

  • Single Room – 180 USD/ per person/ per night
  • Double Room – 160 USD/ per person / per night

We are aware that in certain exceptional circumstances, some Member Federations, due to the situation of the pandemic, might be prevented from travelling to Tashkent. As an exceptional measure, in order to ensure that all Member Federations – even the absent ones – receive an equal opportunity to participate and vote in this important election, we shall provide those prevented with an opportunity to join the Congress in person via a special link.
Please note, however, those Member Federations that shall use such opportunity will do so at their own risks and that the IWF shall not be liable for any claim resulting from any possible technical failures which will be deemed as a consequence of the Member Federation’s own decision to attend the Congress online based on the relevant circumstances.
Further details of the online attendance will be provided in due course to the Member Federations.
The deadline to register is 25 November 2021.
Delegates and appointment letter
Please note maximum two (2) delegates of your respective Federation are invited to attend the Congress in person. Please note only one delegate per Member Federations holds the voting right.
Registration at the e-entry
The registration link is as follows:
Please do not forget to upload your official appointment letter, which can be downloaded from here. Please note the IWF only accepts this document filled in, signed and stamped by your own Federation. No other document as appointment letter will be accepted by the IWF.
Waiver form
In case you wish to attend the Congress in person, please do not forget to upload your Waiver form which can be downloaded from here.
Visa Application
Please note your visa will be issued on arrival at the airport. In order to enter Uzbekistan you have to have a passport valid for six months before expiration. Please do not forget to upload your passport copy to the e-entry system.
If you need invitation letter to start the visa procedures, please send a complete list of names with passport data, address in time to the Organizing Committee ( for the issuance of invitation letters.
Translations shall be available throughout the whole Congress in 4 languages (Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic.)
Contacts of the Local Organizing Committee:
Weightlifting Federation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel: +998 71 245 55 90  or  +998 71 245 55 81
Weather conditions:
Please note cold temperature (-10 Celsius) is expected in December in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Please be prepared for wintertime weather conditions and make sure to bring warm clothes.
Looking forward to seeing you at the IWF Electoral Congress in Tashkent.