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2021 Anti-Doping Course by the Pan-American Weighlifting Federation

The Anti Doping Course 2021, organized by the Pan American Weightlifting Federation (PFLP) was held online from September 25 to October 16 this year.

 The success of the event was reflected in the 24 participating countries. The commitment made by the federations, coaches and athletes shows that the importance of Anti-Doping doesn’t stop and the sport continues to learn from it.

 The event was attended by professors Dr. Victor Carpio (Peru), Carlos Mora (Ecuador) and Nutritionist José Vargas (Chile) and as a special guest, Romina Chang who gave a lecture on ADAMS.

 The course was in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish and there were a total of 170 students who received scholarships from the FPLP.

The participating countries were the following (in alphabetical order):

1. Argentina 11. United States of America 21. Santa Lucia
2. Barbados 12. Guatemala 22. Trinidad & Tobago
3. Bolivia 13. Guyana 23. Uruguay
4. Brazil 14. Jamaica 24. Venezuela
5. Chile 15. Nicaragua  
6. Colombia 16. Panama  
7. Curacao 17. Paraguay  
8. Ecuador 18. Peru  
9. El Salvador 19. Puerto Rico  
10. Spain 20. San Cristobal & Nieves  


Certificates will be issued to the students participating in the course, certified by the Pan American Weightlifting Federation, the South American Weightlifting Confederation and the Weightlifting Coaches Social Club.