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Day 6 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

The competiton on the sixth day in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, continued with the Women 76 kg and Men 96 kg categories.

Women 76 kg Category

The competition started in the afternoon at 14:00 local time in Jeddah and first it was the women’s 76 kg turn. 7 women competed in this session and in Snatch the numbers were very close between athletes. The Mexican Angeles Cruz Hernandez began her three attempts with 83 kg on the bar and the same number was chosen by Alyssa Marie Ballard from USA. Both of their first attempts were successful, but it was then when the Mexican began adding one kilogram more to the bar than her direct competitor. While Ballard from USA did three successful lifts of 83 kg, 86 kg and 89 kg, Cruz Hernandez did also three successful one of 83 kg, 87 kg and 90 kg winning the Gold at the end. Alyssa Marie Ballard won the Silver medal and the Bronze was won by the Russian Madina Kelekhsaeva with her third 88 kg Snatch.

In the C&J, the three same lifters succeeded, this time the Russian Madina Kelekhsaeva won the Gold medal with a third lift of 117 kg. Alyssa Marie Ballard from USA got the Silver medal with a 115 kg Clean & Jerk after three successful attempts and finally, the Bronze medal was won by the Mexican Angeles Cruz Hernandez after a second attempt of 109 kg. She tried to lift 112 kg on her third lift but unfortunately it was a no lift.

In the Total, Madina Kelekhsaeva (RUS) won the Gold with 205 kg, Alyssa Marie Ballard (USA) the Silver with 204 kg and Angeles Cruz Hernandez (MEX) with 199 kg completed the podium with winning the Bronze medal.

Men 96kg Category

In the M96 kg category, in Snatch, the Gold medal went to Kurbonmurod Nomozov (UZB) with a second lift of 153 kg. The Uzbek made sure he obtained the Gold medal during his second lift and once he did that he tried to lift a Youth World Record of 163 kg but he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Gurami Vekua (GEO) progressively made it to 148 kg after another two successful Snatches and thus to the Silver medal. Muhammed Emin Burun (TUR) lifted 147 kg and won the Bronze medal.

The same scenario happened during the C&J when the Uzbek Nomozov ensured the Gold medal in Clean & Jerk with his second lift of 189 kg. After that, he tried the Youth World Record, 8 kg higher, but did not succeed. The Silver went to the Georgian Gurami Vekua once again with a second Clean & Jerk of 180 kg and finally, the Bronze medal went to Muhammed Emin Burun from Turkey who lifted three successful lifts the latest being a 179 kg one.

In the Total table of the M96 kg category, Kurbonmurod Nomozov (UZB) finished with 342 kg and won the Gold, Gurami Vekua (GEO) got the Silver with 328 kg and Muhammed Emin Burun (TUR) with 326 kg in Total completed the podium with the Bronze medal.