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Day 5 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

The fifth day of the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships in Tashkent had 3 bodyweight categories in action, divided in Group As and Bs. The morning started at 10.00 local time with the Women 64 kg and Women 71 kg Group B. Later in the day the Group As competed and the platform saw the Women 64 kg, the Men 89 kg and the Women 71 kg categories with the latest one holding two Youth World Records in Snatch and Total, both won by Zarina Gusalova from Russia.

Women 64 kg Category

In Snatch, Monika Marach from Poland dominated the field in the women 64 kg category. Her numbers were the highest from the beginning and the she finished the first part of the session with a second successful lift of 92 kg. Even though she failed the last one (94 kg), the second Snatch was enough to get her the Gold medal. The Silver was won by her direct competitor Segura Grueso with a 88 kg lift and finally, the Bronze was won by Alana Skripko, from Russia, with a Snatch of 82 kg.

In Clean & Jerk, the main competition was between Ingrid Vanesa Segura Grueso (COL) and Monika Marach (POL). At the end the Gold went to the Colombian with a third lift of 116 kg after another three successful lifts. The Polish got the Silver with 5 kg less, a 111 kg lift, and finally the Bronze went to Haley C Trinh with a C&J of 103 kg.

In Total, Ingrid Vanesa Segura Grueso (COL) won the Gold of the Women 64 kg podium with a Total of 204 kg, Monika Marach (POL) got a Total of 203 kg, just a kilogram less than the Colombian, and therefore took the Silver and finally, Haley C Trinh (USA) won the Bronze with 184 kg.

Men 89 kg Category

High numbers were achieved during the Men 89 kg session. The difference between competitors was little, with Turkey in the first two spots for medals in Snatch. Hakan Kurnaz won the Gold medal with a Snatch of 149 kg, just one kilogram over his compatriot Enes Celik, who lifted 148 kg and won the Silver medal. Finally, Mikhail Podkorytov from Russia took the Bronze medal with a lift of 142 kg.

In the C&J, the first spot was taken by Aleksandr Lazaryan from Armenia who performed strongly on the platform. He lifted the highest numbers from the beginning, and having ended up in 5th position in Snatch, this was a good surprise for everyone. His progression was stable with 172 kg on his first lift, 178 kg the second, and 182 kg on the final C&J that gave him the Gold. The Russian Podkorytov won another medal, this time a Silver, with a 180 kg C&J and ultimately, it was Hakan Kurnaz from Turkey who pulled off the Bronze medal with a 170 kg C&J, same weight that his teammate Celik had lifted, but after Kurnaz.

The final Total medals of the M89 kg were: The Gold with a Total of 323 kg went to Aleksandr Lazaryan (ARM), the Silver to Mikhail Podkorytov (RUS) with lifts totaling 322 kg, and finally the Bronze was won by Hakan Kurnaz (TUR) with a total of 319 kg.

Women 71 kg Category

During the last Group A session of the day, W71 kg, we were blessed to see the 7th and 8th Youth World Records of the Championships, with the first of them happening when Zarina Gusalova (RUS) lifted a 103 kg Snatch, overpassing the World Standard Record and achieving the Snatch Gold. The Silver went to the Uzbek Nigora Suvonova with a progression of 86 kg, 89 kg and 92 kg, all successful attempts, and the Bronze medal went to Mia Deleslyn Rhodes from USA with a lift of 88 kg.

During C&J we saw the second record of the day, again coming from the Russian Zarina Gusalova. She did a first lift of 115 kg to ensure the Total Gold and then proceeded to try a second C&J of 123 kg to achieve the Youth World Record. She did so and, as she had a third attempt left, she tried to beat a third Youth World Record in C&J this time with a lift of 127 kg but unfortunately failed. The Silver in C&J was again for the Uzbek Suvonova with a second lift of 114 kg, and the third spot and Bronze medal was for the other Uzbek, Sevinchoy Komilova with a 111 kg Clean & Jerk.

In Total, Zarina Gusalova (RUS) achieved the Gold with 226 kg, Nigora Suvonova from Uzbekistan the Silver with 206 kg, and the Polish Martyna Dolega the Bronze medal with a 195 kg Total.