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Day 4 of the IWF Youth World Championships in Jeddah

The fourth day in Jeddah hosted the M73 kg, the W59 kg and M81 kg categories. The Weightlifting Platform bore the weight of the promising youth lifters who arrived at the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah in the morning to start with the first B groups at 10.00 AM local time. The Group As were left for the afternoon and the evening where we all could enjoy 3 very exciting competitions with close numbers in between participants, smart movements and even a royal visit.

Men 73 kg Category

In Snatch the competition was fiercely contested between the Uzbek Diyorbek Ermatov, the Russian Nikita Vagin and the Georgian Nikoloz Esartia. The three of them started with the same starting weight, 124 kg, and it was a surprise when the Uzbek ended up getting the Gold with a lift of 132 kg, as his second lift was 1 kg lower than the two other close competitors. The Silver in Snatch went to Nikita Vagin from Russia with a Snatch of 130 kg and finally, the Bronze medal went to Nikoloz Esartia from Georgia, who failed his third attempt of 131 kg, but still won the medal with his second one (128 kg).

In C&J there was again a big competition as the numbers were close again. The Russian secured the Gold with his third lift of 161 kg after failing the second one of 160 kg. Silver went to Georgia’s Nikoloz Esartia with a second successful lift of 159 kg and Bronze went to Mark Lievanzov of Ukraine with a second Clean & Jerk of 158 kg after failing his third attempt of 164 kg.

In Totals: Nikita Vagin (RUS) dominated with a total of 291 kg and took Gold, Nikoloz Esartia (GEO) won Silver with 287 kg and the Bronze went to Kilian Gallart Lechon (ESP) with a Total of 284 kg.

Women 59 kg Category

In Snatch the Colombian weightlifter Dubaney Sinisterra Angulo excelled in the category. She knew how to move around the three attempts smartly. Her attempts were as follows: 76-79-81 and finally she won the Gold. The other two medals went to the Thai girls in this group: the Silver medal to Parichat Kunnara with a Snatch of 80 kg and the Bronze for her teammate Arissara Raidee with a Snatch of 78 kg. 

The Clean & Jerk session in 59 kg was the next and the Thai Parichat lifted 100 kg on her third attempt, which gave her the Gold medal after failing a second one of 98 kg. The Silver went to the Colombian Sinisterra Angulo who had the last lift of the session however decided to lift exactly the same number as the Thai, 100 kg. She preferred to ensure a good lift and a Gold in Total than a Gold medal in Clean&Jerk. The Bronze medal went to Seyedehghazaleh Hosseini from Iran who won the medal after Raidee from Thailand failed on her two last attempts.

In Total, two medals went to two Thai weightlifters: the Silver to Parichat Kunnara with a 180 kg Total and the Bronze to Arissara Raidee with a 170 kg Total. However, the Gold medal was reserved for the Colombian Dubaney Sinisterra Angulo from Colombia with a 181 kg Total.

Men 81 kg Category

The day concluded with the Men 81 kg Group A. The Gold in Snatch went to the Alireza Abbaspoor from Iran, who had the best first attempt of 140 kg, felt confident with the second one with 143 kg, and finished off the Snatch with a 147 kg lift that easily won him the Gold. The Silver medal went to Dimitrii Shmarin (RUS) who tried twice for 142 kg and was successful on his last attempt. The Bronze went to Mukhammad Romanov from Russia with 141 kg.

The session followed on with the Clean&Jerk and the same order was followed on the podium. Alireza Abbaspoor from Iran got the Gold with a third lift of 181 kg, Dimitrii Shmarin from Russia won the Silver achieving 168 kg on his third C&J attempt and finally, his teammate Mukhammad Romanov also from Russia won the Bronze with a lift of 164 kg.

In Total, of course, the same order followed: Alireza Abbaspoor (IRI) won the Gold with 328 kg, Dimitrii Shmarin (RUS) the Silver with 310 kg, and Mukhammad Romanov (RUS) completed the podium and won a Bronze medal with a 305 kg in Total.

During this session, we had a visit of His Highness Prince Fahad Bin Jalawi Alsaud, who was also a medal presenter in this category.