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Day 3 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships in Jeddah

The day started with the M67 kg Group B at 10AM local time, which was followed by the W49 kg, the M67 kg Group A and concluded with the W55 kg category where two more Youth World Records were added to the list!

Women 49 kg Category

In the opening of the Group, the Gold medal went to Karoll Dahyanne Lopez Alvarez (COL) with a lift of 73 kg. The initial strategy of the Colombian was the key to take advantage at the end of the first round. She started with 70 kg in the first attempt and then moved up to 73 KG in the second. Then she missed the third attempt of 74 but had the peace of mind of winning the Gold medal anyhow. Milana Kutiakina (RUS) progressively (68 – 71 – 73) reached the 73 kg lift just like the Colombian, but she got the Silver medal as she lifted it after the South American. Viktoria Barabanova (RUS) reached 72 kg to win the Bronze medal with her second attempt. In the third attempt she tried 74 kg but it was a no lift. (69 – 72- 74X).

In the Clean & Jerk, Medine Bilicier (TUR) started with 89 kg, which was the same weight that Russian Milana Kutiakina choose as the starting weight. And not only that, because both women’s three lifts were the same (89 – 91- 93). The Turkish was the one who lifted them first therefore she got the Gold medal whereas Milana Kutiakina (RUS) got the Silver. Karoll Dahyanne Lopez Alvarez (COL) started with 85 kg in the first attempt and then increased to 88 kg winning the Bronze medal. In her third attempt she tried to reach 90 kg but could not make it. Her numbers were (85 – 88- 90X).

In the Totals, Milana Kutiakina (RUS) finished with 166 kg, Medine Bilicier (TUR) with 165 kg and Karoll Dahyanne Lopez Alvarez (COL) with 161 kg.

Men 67 kg Category

In Snatch, Thailand’s Weeraphon Wichuma decided to start with an initial weight of 121 kg. With his third attempt he reached the final 128 kg that allowed him to confirm the Gold medal. Venezuelan Reinner Josue Arango Mendez lifted 125 kg, good enough for him to take home the Silver medal after trying and failing to reach 127 kg in his last attempt. (120 – 125 – 127X). The podium was completed by Kolesnyk Serhii (UKR) with the lift of 121 kg in his only good lift of the three attempts. (120X – 121 – 126X).

In C&J, 2 of the 3 great Snatch performances were repeated. Weeraphon Wichuma (THA) and Reinner Josue Arango Mendez (VEN) got Gold and Silver respectively in C&J. Wichuma started with 153 kg, 8 kg more than the Venezuelan. After making his first successful attempt, he increased to 160 kg in the second attempt but missed the 167 kg in the third one (153 – 160 – 167X). Arango Mendez had three good lifts with progressive marks that allowed him to reach 152 kg in his third attempt and therefore won the Silver medal in C&J as well (145 – 150 – 152). Thailand’s Worrapot Nasuriwong joined his teammate on the podium after reaching 151 kg with his last attempt and beat Ukraine’s Kolesnyk Serhii who missed the podium in C&J.

In Total, the podium was completed with Weeraphon Wichuma from Thailand with 288 kg (GOLD) Reinner Josue Arango Mendez from Venezuela with 277 kg (SILVER) and Kolesnyk Serhii from Ukraine with 271 kg (BRONZE).

Women 55 kg Category

Finishing the evening, it was time for the last category of the day. A second day straight with Youth World Records. One of the Americans, Katharine Emily Estep, obtained not only the Snatch Youth World Record, but also the Total when she reached 198 kg after her last C&J attempt.

Katharine Emily Estep (USA) won the Gold and the Youth World Record with lifts far superior to the other competitors. In the first attempt she lifted 80 kg, 5 kg more than her immediate pursuers first lift and then increased to 83 kg until she reached the 89 kg lift which won her the new Youth World Record in her category in Snatch (80 – 83 – 89). The Silver medal went to Ximena Fernanda Perez Leon (MEX) who snatched the medal from the other USA girl, Miranda Eleanor Ulrey. The Mexican’s third successful attempt of 78 kg won her the Silver medal which was just 1 kg higher than Ulrey’s. Her attempts were (75X – 75 – 78). The Bronze medal also went to the US, which team was very well represented in this category: Miranda Eleanor Ulrey (USA) was the first to manage 77 kg on her second attempt and that way she got to be on the podium. She tried to reach 79 kg in the last attempt but it was unsuccessful at the end (74 – 77 – 79X).

As in the Snatch, Katharine Emily Estep (USA) took home the Gold medal and the second Youth World Record in the Total. In the first attempt of C&J, she started with 100 kg, increased to 105 kg in the second and crowned the category with the 109 kg that made the Total YWR happen. The audience, formed by technical officials, teams and judges were amazed by as she only began to lift when everyone else had finished their Clean and Jerks. The Silver medal this time went to Brazil’s Julia Vieira Rodrigues who in the third lift reached 97 kg. Finally, the Bronze medal went to Ozoda Hojieva (UZB), who completed the podium after obtaining a lift of 95 kg in her second attempt. She went for the 98 kg on the third attempt but it was unsuccessful (92 – 95 – 98X).

In Total Katharine Emily Estep (USA) won with 198 kg, Ozoda Hojieva (UZB) got the Silver with 172 kg and Ximena Fernanda Perez Leon (MEX) the Bronze with 171 kg.