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Day 1 – 2021 IWF Youth World Championships

Jeddah has welcomed the first categories of the 2021 IWF Youth World Championships with great results.

The first day in Jeddah started with the competition in the Men 49 kg and Women 40 kg categories. This Championships is not only special because of its location, the Ritz-Carlton, a hotel that used to be a palace, but because it is the first ever world event for most of the athletes.

Men 49 kg Group A            

In the opening of the group, in Snatch, the Gold medal went to Oleg Prokopev (RUS) with a lift of 83 kg. The Russian’s initial lift was too much for the rest (79 – 81 – 83). No one managed to lift more than his starting weight, and so, by clinching the first lift, he also secured the Gold. Alexandr Dzobak (CZE) progressively (73 – 77 – 79) reached 79 kg as did the Colombian Yepez Penate, but the Czech got the Silver medal for lifting the 79kg first before the South American. Kevin David Yepez Penate (COL) reached 79 kg to take the Bronze medal in the 3rd attempt. He increased 4kg from the first to the third attempt after failing the second attempt of 78 kg. (75 – 78X – 79).

In Clean&Jerk, Dzobak started with 97 kg, 1 kg less than his competitors (98 kg). However, the 3rd lift of 106 kg ensured that the young athlete won the Gold medal. The three lifts were (97 – 103 – 106). The Russian Prokopev lifted 105 kg on his third attempt and thus won the Silver medal after progressively increasing his initial weight (98 – 102 – 105). Yepez Penate (COL) tried to snatch the first place from the Czech after going for 107 kg in his last attempt but did not achieve the good lift.  The 104 kg on his second lift ensured that he won the Bronze in C&J. His numbers were (98 – 104 – 107X).

In the Total of Group A Oleg Prokopev (RUS) finished with 188 kg, Alexandr Dzobak (CZE) with 185 kg and Kevin David Yepez Penate (COL) with 183 kg.

Women 40 kg Group A  

Finishing the evening in Jeddah, it was the turn of the women. Ezgi Kilic (TUR) started with a lift of 52 kg.  She made a clear difference from the rest as from the start she was 2 kg above her competitors. 55 kg on her 3rd attempt (52 – 54 – 55) gave her the Gold. The second place went to Lawren Sofia Estrada Velez (COL). She took the Silver with the 53 kg reached on her the second attempt. In the third lift she could not manage the 55 kg (50 – 53 – 55X).  Jeaneth Hipolito (PHI) joined the podium with the lift of 52 kg. (48 – 51X – 52).

In Clean&Jerk, the dominance of Ezgi Kilic (TUR) continued. She won the Gold medal with 70 kg, after 3 successful lifts (65-67-70). She lifted 3 kg more than Darly Marely Canto Colli (MEX) who won the Silver medal in C&J with 67 kg. Her three lifts were (62 – 66X – 67). The Bronze medal went to the other Mexican in the competition, to Alexandra Yamileth Lopez Ledesma with a lift of 66 kg. She could have won the Silver but failed to make the last lift of 68 kg. (63 – 66 – 68X)

In the Total the podium was as follows: Gold – Ezgi Kilic (TUR) 125 kg, Silver – Lawren Sofia Estrada Velez (COL) 118 kg and Bronze – Darly Marely Canto Colli (MEX) 118 kg.

Tomorrow the competition will continue with Men 55kg, Women 45kg and the day will conclude with the Men 61kg category.