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CRC Webinar Series – Second Webinar

IWF Coaching and Research Committee is organizing the second webinar from their Webinar Series, on 12th July 2021, 21:00 CEST.

The second webinar will start off with an important message from IWF Interim President Dr Michael Irani who presents as a medical doctor. He will talk about how coaches can help their athletes when an injury occurs in the gym, for example, when the lifter falls and hits their head.

The second presenter is Dr Junichi Okada from Japan, a member of the IWF CRC, presents a Japanese study about the comparison of barbell kinematics and kinetics during successful and unsuccessful snatch attempts among elite male weightlifters completed at the Senior and Junior World Championships in 2017.

The anchor of the second webinar is Dr Kyle Pierce who will this time talk about his own coaching experiences. If you have not already watched the documentary The Game Changers from 2018 (available on for example Netflix), this is the time to do it! In the movie, three-time Olympian Kendrick Farris talks about his training and nutrition choice – a plant-based diet. Dr Pierce will talk as Kendrick’s personal coach about the challenges and benefits he has discovered with this diet. Dr Pierce is an important contributor to the IWF CRC.

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