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Elections – Pakistan Weightlifting Federation

Pakistan Weightlifting Federation held its elections on 3 July 2021 at the Pakistan Olympic House Lahore via Zoom and for those who could attend, in-person. The elections were supervised by the Election Commission Chairman of PWLF, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali (Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan). Muhammad Jahangir, Deputy Secretary General of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), supervised the election on behalf of NOC Pakistan (POA) and Mr. Musa Haseeb on behalf of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).
Twenty-two representatives of the following affiliated units attended this Elective General Council Meeting:
Punjab, Sindh, K.P., Baluchistan, WAPDA, Railway, H.E.C., Islamabad, AJ&K, National Women Weightlifting Commission, Pakistan Weightlifting Coaches Commission & Pakistan Weightlifitng Referee Commission.
The following office bearers were elected unopposed for the next four year term (2021-2025).

1 Chairman; Mian Muhammad Aslam (Islamabad)
2 President; Hafiz Imran Butt (Refrees Commission)
3 Vice President; Abdul Aziz Khan (Balochistan)
4 Vice President; Sheeraz Muhammad (KP)
5 Vice President; Nafees Ahmed (Sind)
6 Vice President; Amjad Amin Butt (Punjab)
7 Vice President; Muzaffar Ahmed Ghuman (Wapda)
8 Vice President; Ms. Seemabia Tahir (Punjab)
9 General Secretary; Ms. Nuzhat Jabeen (Women Commission)
10 Treasurer; Abdul Sattar Rahi (H.E.C)
11 Associate General Secretary; Muhammad Usman (Railway)
12 Associate General Secretary; Ms. Humaira Latif (H.E.C)
13 Executive Member; Ali Aslam (Coaches Commission)
14 Executive Member; Mushtaq Ahmed (Punjab)
15 Executive Member; Javed Iqbal (Balochistan)
16 Executive Member; Dr. Aftab Ahmed Butt (AJ&K)

Source: Pakistan Weightlifting Federation