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Pan-American Coaches Continue Their Online Weightlifting Coach Course – Level III

The Weightlifting Coaching Course – Level 3, organized by the Pan-American Weightlifting Federation in collaboration with the South American Weightlifting Confederation and the Coaches Club of America, is part of the 5 Levels of Coaching program that runs from 2020 to 2022.

The Pan-American Weightlifting Federation and Sammy Murillo, President of the Coaches Club of America, are the managers of this important initiative that strengthens the technical work of weightlifting throughout the continent.

The first weekend has been a success and all participants were satisfied with the learning process. Coaches from Pan-America and Spain have appreciated the opportunity that this online course has brought to them, and they are all keen to continue the course. The Level 3 Course is running for 1 month, between June 26 and July 18. The virtual classes are held on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and the level is completed after a successful exam in each subject. The course is taught by professionals in the field and is divided into three modules.

 The designated Professors of the course are:

– Prof. Jorge Adones (Chile) – Technique and Methodology;

– Prof. Claudio Henschke (Argentina) – Physical Preparation;

– Prof. Carlos Mora (Ecuador) – Sports Planning and Training.

Each course is provided in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese with simultaneous translation and explained with audiovisual materials, therefore the course suitable for all participants. This E-Learning system provides a great interaction with coaches and gives several opportunities to properly conduct all topics.

The Pan-American Weightlifting Federation has developed an educational platform for everyone to provide access to this course at a reasonable cost, however, each Member Federation of the Pan-American Federation receives a quota of 2 scholarships.

About a hundred coaches from the Continent and Spain participated in the Coaches Training Program therefore the Federation reached their goal: to provide more information for coaches, to provide learning opportunities and help them getting better in the field. Coaches are looking forward to the next round that will be held this weekend on the 3rd and 4rd of July 2021.

After the Olympic Games, the program will continue with the second version of Level 1 and Level 2 Courses.