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Last day of the IWF Junior World Championships

After over a week full of emotions and good lifts, the junior weightlifters bid farewell to Tashkent with their hands full of medals and good feelings.

On the last day of competitions, it was the turn for the Women +87 KG and Men +109 KG categories.

Women +87 KG group A

At noon it was the turn for the women. The competition started at 13:00 Tashkent time and the medals were fought for by 5 weightlifters. One of the five, Aisamal Sansyzbayeva (KAZ) was ahead of the pack and made her mark from the start when in the first Snatch she was the only one to lift a three-digit number. Thanks to this and her steady but confident progress between 105, 109, and 113 KG attempts, she won Gold in this category. The Silver in Snatch went to Viktoriia Orlova of Russia with the third lift of 105 KG and the Bronze finally went to Canada’s Emma Friesen with 100 KG.

In the C&J, the first two places on the podium were repeated by the Snatch medalists. The Gold was again won by Aisamal Sansyzbayeva of Kazakhstan with a lift of 145 KG and the Silver was won by Russia’s Viktoriia Orlova with 130 KG. However, the Bronze medal went to Turkey’s Nuran Yalcin who won the third medal with a third Clean & Jerk attempt of 121 KG.

In the Total, there were big differences in numbers: Aisamal Sansyzbayeva (KAZ) took the Gold with a total of 258 KG, Viktoriia Orlova (RUS) the Silver with lifts totaling 235 KG, and Emma Friesen (CAN) won the third medal, the Bronze, with a total of 215 KG.

Men +109 KG group A

Two hours later it was the turn of the men’s +109 KG lifters. In this category, 10 weightlifters were fighting for the medals. Enzo Kofi Kuworge (NED) secured the Gold with his first attempt, and he took his chances with a successful second attempt of 178 KG and an even higher third attempt of 180 KG. Iran’s Alireza Zandi made three successful lifts and with his last Snatch of 173 KG he claimed the Silver medal, and finally, on the podium, another Iranian Feremi Reza Hassanpour, who was very evenly matched with his teammate, won the Bronze lifting one kilogram less (172 KG).

In the Clean & Jerk, Enzo Kofi Kuworge from the Netherlands again won Gold with a best Clean & Jerk of 231 KG. The Silver and Bronze went again to the two Iranians, who on the second attempt lifted the same weight, 221 KG. Finally, the Silver went to the only one of them who managed a good lift on the third attempt, this was Feremi Reza Hassanpour who took the medal with 226 KG. Therefore, the Bronze went to his compatriot Alireza Zandi.

On the total podium, the Gold medal went to Enzo Kofi Kuworge (NED) with 411 KG, the Silver medal to Feremi Reza Hassanpour (IRI) with 398 KG, and the Bronze was won by Alireza Zandi (IRI) with 394 KG.

With the 3 medals won by Enzo Kofi Kuworge, the Netherlands won their first gold medals at an international weightlifting event.