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Day 8 of the 2021 IWF Junior World Championships

The eighth day of the competition in Tashkent continued with a very positive atmosphere. The competition, organized with the support of local sponsors such as Samo, Uztelecom, Artel, Omaf, and Diagnokim allowed the event to be at the level of the best events organized by IWF. On this day, there were 3 weight categories, all of them with just a Group A to compete and these were the following: MEN 102 KG, WOMEN 87 KG, and MEN 109 KG.

MEN 102 KG Group A

In Snatch, Rakhat Bekbolat (KAZ) set an entry of 166 KG. He increased his number to 171 KG on the 2nd attempt and 175 KG on the 3rd attempt. With his third lift, he won the Gold medal. The Silver medal went to the Bulgarian Vasil Kaloyanov Marinov. He increased to 165 KG on the first attempt and to 170 KG on the second. Then he tried in the 3rd lift to Snatch 175 KG but failed. The Bronze medal was disputed between Siarhei Sharankou (BLR) and Zaza Lomtadze (GEO). In the 3 attempts, the Belarusian athlete lifted one KG more than the Georgian and could hold the Bronze medal in Snatch.

In C&J, Rakhat Bekbolat (KAZ) also won the Gold medal. Only one attempt was enough for him to get the most desired medal. He missed the first attempt of 202 KG but with the second lift, he was able to achieve the set mark. Then he tried 209 KG but it was a No Lift. The Silver medal went to Vasil Kaloyanov Marinov (BUL) who got 200 KG on his first attempt and then he could lift 208 KG neither on the second nor on the third attempt. Finally, the Bronze medal was won by Zaza Lomtadze (GEO) with the successful first lift of 194 KG.

The podium of the total result repeated the names of the C&J. Gold went to Rakhat Bekbolat (KAZ) with 377 KG, the Silver to Vasil Kaloyanov Marinov (BUL) with 370 KG, and finally the Bronze to Zaza Lomtadze (GEO) with 351 KG.

WOMEN 87 KG Group A

In Snatch, the only weightlifter to reach three figures lifts in her three attempts was the local athlete Tursunoy Jabborova, who scored 111 KG on her last attempt. She won the Gold by a difference of 18 KG. American athlete Avery Elizabeth Owens won the Silver medal with 93 KG on her third attempt. The Bronze medal went to Yekta Jamali (IRI) who lifted 92 KG on her 3rd attempt.

In C&J, the same athletes won the medals. Tursunoy Jabborova from Uzbekistan took the lead and lifted 122, 129, and 133 KG progressively. The Silver medal went to Avery Elizabeth Owens (USA) with 110, 115, and 118 KG, and the Bronze medal went to Yekta Jamali (IRI) with 105, 111, and 116 KG.

Overall, Tursunoy Jabborova (UZB) took the Gold medal with a total of 244 KG. Avery Elizabeth Owens (USA) got a Total of 211 KG and won the Silver. Finally, Yekta Jamali (IRI) won the Bronze with 208 KG.

MEN 109 KG Group A

In Snatch, the Gold went to Bohdan Hoza (UKR). He lifted 189 KG on the third attempt and set a new Junior World Record in Snatch. He started with 181 KG, then missed with 187 KG, and finally made it with 189 kg. Hristo Dimitrov Hristov (BUL) was effective on the 1st attempt (180 KG), missed with 186 KG on the 2nd lift, and took the Silver medal in Snatch with 187 KG on the 3rd attempt The Bronze went to Daniil Vagaitsev (RUS) with 175 KG which he achieved in his second Snatch after entering with 170 and missing the last one with 180 kg.

The C&J competition between different lifters got close. Hristo Dimitrov Hristov (BUL) with a lift of 216 KG, on his second attempt, won the Gold medal. Bohdan Hoza (UKR) took the Silver medal after lifting 213 KG and Daniil Vagaitsev (RUS) performed 3 successful lifts achieving the Bronze medal with 212 KG.

The final Total medals of the eighth day of competition were distributed as follows: Gold with a total of 403 KG went to Hristo Dimitrov Hristov (BUL), Silver to Bohdan Hoza (UKR) with lifts totaling 402 KG and the Bronze went to Daniil Vagaitsev (RUS) with a total of 387 KG.