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Day 7 of the 2021 IWF Junior World Championships

On Day 7 it was the turn for the Women 81 KG and Men 96 KG categories at the 2021 IWF Junior World Championships. While the Men 96 KG category had two groups: A and B, the women’s category only had the A group. The day therefore started at 13.30 with the only B group and the A groups had to wait until the evening.

Women 81 KG Group A

In Snatch, the Gold was won by Dilara Ucan of Turkey with three successful lifts, the third being 99 KG. The Silver medal went to Liana Gyurjyan from Armenia, with a 98 KG lift on her last attempt. Finally, the Bronze medal went to Kelin Juliana Jimenez Quinonez from Ecuador who achieved a 94 KG lift and completed the podium.

In Clean & Jerk, the medals were decided by only a small margin, 3 KGs between the medalists.  The Gold went straight to Liana Gyurjyan (ARM) with a successful third attempt of 125 KG. The Silver medal went to Kelin Julianan Jimenez Quinonez (ECU) with 124 KG and the Bronze to Turkey’s Dilara Ucan with 123 KG on her third attempt.

In Total, Liana Gyurjyan (ARM) took the Gold medal on the Women 81 KG podium with a Total of 223 KG. Dilara Ucan (TUR) got a Total of 222 KG and thus took the Silver. Finally, Kelin Juliana Jimenez Quinonez (ECU) won Bronze with 218 KG.

Men 96 KG Group A

In Snatch the Gold went to Artur Babayan (RUS). He lifted 163 KG on the second attempt. He started with 160 KG, then 163 KG and finally tried 166 kg but failed.  Garik Karapetyan (ARM) was effective in all 3 lifts and got the second place in Snatch with 162 KG on the last attempt and therefore, the Silver medal. The Bronze went to Hossein Biranvand (IRI) with 157 KG.

The C&J was a very hard-fought competition with quite equal numbers between the different lifters. In the third attempts of Group A, only the Ukrainian Illia Moskalenko was able to do a good lift. He lifted 194 KG and he won the Gold medal. It should be noted that the Lithuanian Armands Mezinskis lifted 194 KG in the second attempt but he did not compete for the medal as being a senior already. With a lift of 193 KG Garik Karapetyan (ARM) won the Silver medal. Russia’s Artur Babayan tried to reach 197 KG on his third attempt but failed. However his second attempt (191 KG) was enough for him to win the Bronze medal.

The final Total medals of Day 7 of the competition were distributed as follows: Gold with a total of 355 KG went to Garik Karapetyan (ARM), Silver to Artur Babayan (RUS) with lifts totaling 354 KG and Bronze was won by Illia Moskalenko (UKR) with a Total of 349 KG.