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Day 5 of the IWF Junior World Championships in Tashkent

The fifth day in Tashkent hosted the Women 71 KG and Men 81 KG categories, divided into Group A and Group B. The Weightlifting Platform bore the weight of the promising juniors who arrived at the Yunusabad Sport Complex in the morning to start with the first B groups at 11.00 AM and 13.30 PM Uzbekistan time. The Group As were left for the afternoon and the weightlifters competed hard for the medals.

Women 71 KG Group A

In Snatch the competition was fiercely contested between the three women on the podium, with Kumushkhon Fayzullaeva of Uzbekistan winning the Gold medal with a lift of 103 KG on her third attempt, standing out for her ease of lifting. The Silver medal went to USA’s Olivia Lynn Reeves who lifted a Snatch of 102 KG, one kilo short of the Gold, and the Bronze medal went to Evgeniia Guseva with the same lift, 102 KG, which she lifted shortly after the American.

In C&J, Olivia Lynn Reeves (USA) dominated, who secured the Gold with her second lift of 127 KG, went on to attempt 130 KG, unsuccessfully, on her third attempt. Silver went to Uzbekistan’s Kumushkhon Fayzullaeva with a single successful lift of 122 KG and Bronze went again to Evgeniia Guseva of Russia with a Clean & Jerk of 120 KG.

In Totals: Olivia Lynn Reeves (USA) dominated with a total of 229 KG and took Gold, Kumushkhon Fayzullaeva (UZB) won Silver with 225 KG and the Bronze went to Evgeniia Guseva (RUS) with a total of 222 KG.

Men 81 KG Group A

The men’s 81 KG category reached high figures. It started, as always, with the Snatch and on this occasion, the Uzbek weightlifter Mukhammadkodir Toshtemirov excelled. He managed to lift 161 KG on his second attempt, which gave him the Gold, and tried to lift 169 KG on the third without success unfortunately. Karen Margaryan of Armenia lifted 152 KG and won the Silver medal while Turkish junior Ismet Samed Coskun won the Bronze with a Snatch of 151 KG.

The Clean & Jerk session in 81 KG was marked by quite a few “no lifts”. Still, the results were amazing. Mukhammadkodir Toshtemirov from Uzbekistan managed to lift 182 KG on his first and only good attempt and thus took the Gold medal. The Silver medal went to Maksym Moskvin from Ukraine who lifted 177 KG in his third C&J and the Bronze medal went to another Uzbek, Khojiakbar Olimov who managed to reach 176 KG in his Clean & Jerk.

In Total, two medals went to two local weightlifters: Gold to Mukhammadkodir Toshtemirov with a total of 343 KG and Bronze to Khojiakbar Olimov, who scored a total of 326 KG. The Silver went to Armenia with 327 KG, which was lifted by Karen Margaryan.