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IWF Coaching and Research Committee meeting May 10, 2021

The IWF Coaching and Research Committee met on May 10, 2021 for most likely the last meeting of the mandate. Because of the Covid-pandemic the work of the IWF CRC has been hindered as planned world-wide roll-out of the IWF Coaching Education system cannot take place: a Coach Education program must have an element of face to face practical sessions. Instead, the CRC is planning a Summer Webinar Series with presentations in the area of Coaching, Research and Coach Education.

As approved by the IWF Congress in Pattaya in September 2019, the IWF Fairplay Certificate work is under progress. This is an internet based E-learning platform which introduces the sport of Olympic Weightlifting to a wider audience. Topics such as a glance back into the history of weightlifting and an introduction of the lifts and how it is safe to begin weightlifting training, the physiological and sociological aspects, are presented. At the end each section there is a set of questions to answer, and once one answers correctly one can print out a certificate at home.

The CRC approved also proposals for an international Weightlifting Day when our sport can be celebrated throughout the world and delivering the Best Coach Award to the coach of the best Male Team, the best Female Team, the best Male Athlete and the best Female Athlete at World Championships. These and other proposals which are aimed to rejuvenate and modernize the sport will be delivered to the IWF Executive Board for approval.

The CRC Chair Mahmoud Magoub and Deputy Chair Karoliina Lundahl thanked the Committee Members for their participation in the work of the Committee.