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Pan American Federation and South American Confederation – Weightlifting E-Learning Platform

In a joint project, the Pan American Federation and South American Weightlifting Confederation are introducing their new E-Learning Platform.
The idea is to offer information and tools for improving the knowledge of our sports and other associated topics.
The platform is tailored not only to the weightlifting family, but also offers an open channel for promotional possibilities.

It is planned to offer such subjects like training, coaching, technical officials, doping, medicine and sports psychology; and different tools, such as courses, seminars or round tables. In the near future the platform hopefully becomes a knowledge center, with a big library, including videos, PPTs (Power Point presentations), professional papers and other valuable sources.

First of all at the moment the platform offers the following course for coaches: A Level 2 course for coaches, which is a classic, interactive course provided by various experts on the field. It is developed by the South American Coaches Association, and available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Secondly it also offers a basic course for people without knowledge of our sport. The main goal is to increase the popularity of the sport, explaining in a short and simple way general aspects of weightlifting.
There are five modules in the course:

  • General information: origin and history, important dates, regulatory bodies.
  • How to compete: the flow of the competition, the snatch, the clean and jerk.
  • Technical officials: different roles, incorrect movements
  • Technique and training: the importance of technique, a general idea of training.
  • Other information: participants, disc colors, myths and facts, etc.

Each of the sections begins with a motivational video, the corresponding texts, links for people who are interested in further information, and a questionnaire of 10 questions. In total there are fifty questions for the entire course. The course is presented in Spanish and English, and it is free.

Thirdly the platform offers help in the preparation for TO’s examination.
The official IWF examination is presented in web format, so, any technical official can complete it from any place and in the future it would be possible to review periodically if technical officials have full knowing of the rules or not. In order to preserve transparency, they added 20 extra questions. Altogether there are 120 questions available. From these 120 questions, the system chooses 100 questions randomly. By this method, the questions and their order change every time. The order of the possible answers also change every time the same question comes up. Currently it is only used as a training tool, but they believe that in the future it will allow for checking and monitoring the TO’s knowledge.

Further information can be found on the following link:

Source: Pan-American Federation and South American Confederation